The Fellow Hallmark Star Eloise Mumford Once Dated In Real Life

If you're a Hallmark Channel fan and its stars, chances are you'll have seen Eloise Mumford before. The actor has appeared in some of our very favorite Hallmark movies over the years, including "Christmas with Holly," "Sweeter Than Chocolate," and "The Presence of Love." But even if you're not such a Hallmark expert, you may still know this familiar face. Mumford has also had a number of big roles away from the network, as she's also popped up in the likes of hit TV shows "Lone Star" and "Chicago Fire," plus the saucy "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie franchise.

With such steamy movie and TV roles under her belt, it's only natural that fans have been speculating about if this star may just have a special someone in her life. Brace yourself Hallmark romance fans, because Mumford has dated a fellow familiar actor you may just recognize — Brett Dalton. While we aren't sure when they started dating, they appeared to grow pretty close while filming the 2021 holiday movie "One December Night," so it's possible that their characters, Quinn and Jason, were aHallmark movie couple played by real-life lovers.

Eloise Mumford and Brett Dalton were going strong well into 2022

Though Eloise Mumford and Brett Dalton don't appear to have spoken publicly about one another in interviews, we do know that these two were a couple for a pretty solid few months. Their Hallmark movie "One December Night" aired in late 2021 and the two seemed to be going strong for a while after that. In fact, they even took a trip to Universal Studios with Dalton's daughter, Sylvia. That happened in July 2022, and Dalton shared several Instagram photos of the trio having a great time at the Florida theme park. He even revealed in the caption that Mumford had taken over to ride a few attractions with Sylvia after he got motion sick. Adorable!

The following month, Mumford made it very clear on her own Instagram that she and Dalton were an item. The star shared a snap of herself and her former co-star, who was shirtless, while they enjoyed a trip to the beach. And that wasn't the only proof of this romance. In September 2022, Dalton posted a selfie of himself and Mumford, which showed them resting their heads on one another while taking a ride on an escalator. The month after that, there really was no doubting this romance when Mumford gushed of Dalton on Instagram (via Distractify), "I love being by your side, through thick and thin and every version of your facial hair." But that post has since been deleted, hinting at trouble in paradise.

Things seemingly fizzled between these Hallmark stars

Despite being very much Instagram official for a few months, Eloise Mumford and Brett Dalton seem to have gone their separate ways. There were no more grid posts of one another following the deleted October 2022 upload and, as of March 2024, they no longer follow one another. It's not clear exactly when or why they broke up, though Dalton shared a candid Instagram post at the start of 2023 that may have alluded to a split. Alongside a photo of himself and his daughter, the actor wrote: "2022 was the best and worst year of my life. I seriously don't know how I got through it at times. So don't believe everything on Instagram, behind all the filters, we're all real people going through real things."

If the twosome's Instagram pages are anything to go by, neither appear to have gone official with anyone new in the wake of their split. Dalton made it pretty clear in a Valentine's Day 2024 post there's only one woman in his life: Sylvia. As for Mumford, she didn't celebrate the holiday on her grid but did jet off for a tropical vacation the month after. Though she didn't tag anyone or show anyone off in her batch vacation photo upload, eagle-eyed fans noticed what appeared to be a man's knee in the corner of one of her snaps, which showed herself and the mystery man enjoying some food and drinks surrounded by palm trees.