Of All Paul Campbell's Hallmark Movies, This One Is His Favorite

With over a dozen Hallmark movies under his belt, including heartwarming romances and holiday tales filled with nostalgia, Paul Campbell has established himself as one of the network's most cherished stars. Following his debut alongside Chyler Leigh in the 2013 movie "Window Wonderland," Campbell continued to captivate audiences with his work for the Hallmark Channel, earning recognition along the way.

While it's certainly not easy for an artist to single out a favorite project of theirs, Campbell has managed to narrow his Hallmark repertoire down to one movie he loved doing most. If you guessed "Three Wise Men and a Baby," you guessed right, as the star described it as "one of the best filming experiences" of his life. When speaking to TV Insider, Campbell reflected on every movie he had ever done for the network, spotlighting the out-of-the-Hallmark-box project. He shared: "I will never forget it. It will always be very, very close to my heart."

In the 2022 movie, Campbell portrayed Stephan, one of three brothers who were unexpectedly left with a baby to care for during the holiday season. Alongside his co-stars Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes, Campbell admitted to thoroughly enjoying his time on set during the three-week filming process. Notably, he also contributed to the story as a co-writer, adding an extra layer of significance to the project.

Paul Campbell had a close bond with the cast and crew of his favorite Hallmark project

It's no wonder "Three Wise Men and a Baby" holds a special place in Paul Campbell's heart, as the actor had a seriously familial atmosphere on set. He collaborated on the script with Kimberley Sustad, his co-star from the 2018 Hallmark movie "A Christmas Coincidence." When speaking to TV Insider, Campbell said of the project, "It was where Kimberley Sustad and I met, and it started the writing portion of my career." Two years later, the pair co-wrote their first Hallmark movie, "Christmas by Starlight," and co-starred again.

By the time "Three Wise Men and a Baby" was filming, Campbell had already developed a close relationship with Sustad, as well as with Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker. Notably, Campbell co-wrote "An Unexpected Christmas," a 2021 Hallmark film starring Hynes and featuring Walker in a smaller role. "It's made me realize just how incredible this Hallmark family that we all have really is. This is truly a family effort, that one," Campbell told TV Insider of making his favorite Hallmark movie.

When the trio talked to us about "Three Wise Men and a Baby," Campbell gushed about working with the Hallmark Channel in general, particularly because of the network's wholesome content. "I love what Hallmark does. I love the feeling that it brings people and the feeling that it brings me making [the movies]," the actor explained.

The unconventional formula worked wonders for the Hallmark Channel

The plot of Hallmark's "Three Wise Men and a Baby" was adapted into a holiday storyline from the 1987 movie "Three Men and a Baby," but Paul Campbell still managed to make it one of the most original movies Hallmark has ever done. Unlike so many other Hallmark storylines, especially holiday ones, "Three Wise Men and a Baby" doesn't rely on romantic love as its core premise. Instead, it's about three brothers rediscovering the strength of their familial bond and the magic of the holiday season along the way, with no romance in sight.

Campbell's approach proved to be a winning formula, earning him and Kimberley Sustad a Leo Award for Best Screenwriting in a Television Movie in 2023. In addition to the public recognition for Campbell's work, "Three Wise Men and a Baby" also earned the title of the most-watched movie on cable television in the U.S. in 2022. According to a Variety report, approximately 3.6 million viewers tuned in during its three-day debut period from November 19th to November 22nd.

Remarkably, Campbell knew the Hallmark movie was going to be a hit, crediting script adjustments as the reason the characters work so well on-screen in a conversation with Wide Open Country. "It just worked. It worked perfectly," he shared, proving there's no doubt in his mind about which of his Hallmark movies is his favorite.