A Deep Dive Into Jessica Simpson's Marriage With Eric Johnson

Before Jessica Simpson's star-studded relationship history saw the addition of NFL star Eric Johnson, she wasn't entirely sure she could find someone who could love her. Speaking to People in 2023, Simpson shared, "I don't find it hard to love anybody, but I have always thought that I was hard to love, that I was too much for people, or my schedule was too demanding. I couldn't be a roadie all the time. I couldn't be a football wife. It was hard." 

It's only natural that she drew that conclusion after some bad experiences from her past romances. Simpson's tumultuous 2-year-long romance with Tony Romo reportedly ended in 2009 after he dumped her via email the day before her birthday since he believed she had cheated on him with John Mayer, whom she dated in 2006. In her memoir "Open Book," she claimed that she hadn't been unfaithful, but Romo wouldn't believe it. However, she later rekindled her romance with Mayer. 

In 2010, the "Last Train Home" singer did a crude Playboy interview where he spoke about his sex life with Simpson and compared it to drugs in the worst way possible. She obviously wasn't pleased, so she called it quits. So, naturally, Simpson was happy when her paths crossed with Johnson at a 2010 party. In "Open Book," she admitted that she was ready for a serious relationship at the time. However, there was just one small problem: John was technically married when they met.

Eric Johnson wasted no time in proposing

When Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson met in 2010, he was in the process of divorcing Keri D'Angelo, with whom he had a 5-year marriage. While that might make Simpson seem like a homewrecker to some, Johnson and D'Angelo reportedly separated in October 2009 and had started their divorce proceedings in 2010. We learned that Simpson and Johnson's relationship had started in May through an insider who confirmed their love to People in July of that year.

Later in the month, we saw them locking lips while vacationing in Italy to celebrate the "With You" songstress' birthday. When People asked Simpson if she thought the former NFL player was the one, she hesitated slightly. "I never go to that because I already went there, so, I'm not gonna jinx my own self. He's the one for me right now! I'm very happy, I'm in a great place, and if right now could last forever, I'd take it," Simpson replied, per E!

Johnson heard her loud and clear and popped the question a month later. In a 2017 Instagram post, she revealed that her beau proposed on November 11 at 11:11, while Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You" and rose petals created the perfect romantic ambiance. While appearing on "The Early Show" in 2010, she admitted that the proposal caught her off-guard and she had to sit on his knee to compose herself. As it turns out, Johnson had been meticulously planning the romantic gesture for a while and even got her parents' approval.

They welcomed two children after their engagement

For Halloween 2011, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson gave us a treat with the good news of their pregnancy. Simpson did it in the best fashion by posting a picture of herself dressed as a mummy since that's what the future held for her. While speaking to Us Weekly in 2011, she said she wouldn't let the little one change her style and jested that she would happily give birth in heels. She added that her doctor had advised her against the uncomfortable footwear, but she wasn't about to leave them behind.

On May 1, 2012, the proud parents announced the arrival of their daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson. Her name was a tribute to both of their families, since they got her first name from Eric's middle name and her middle name from her maternal grandmother's maiden name. A few days after Maxwell's birth, the new mom took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share, "I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I've ever experienced." 

Johnson and Simpson wasted no time in expanding their family. She announced her second pregnancy on Christmas 2012 by sharing a cute photo of baby Maxwell in her holiday jumper with the words "Big Sis" written on the ground. Following a tough pregnancy, their first son, Ace Knute, came into this world on June 30, 2013. A rep told People that the newborn's middle name was a tribute to Johnson's grandfather. 

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson married in 2014

About a year after their son's birth, Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson seemed ready to officially lock things down. In an unconventional move, the future spouses had a joint pre-wedding celebration with their nearest and dearest instead of separate bachelorette and bachelor parties, People shared. The lovebirds tied the knot on July 5, 2014. Entertainment Tonight reported that although the bride walked herself down the aisle, her dad, Joe Simpson, honored the newlyweds with a tribute at the ceremony. 

People revealed that 1-year-old Ace Johnson acted as the ring bearer for his parents' union, and his elder sister, Maxwell Johnson, served as the flower girl with her cousin, Bronx Wentz. Speaking to Us Weekly in 2020, the "Take My Breath Away" singer shared how her marriage to the former San Francisco 49ers tight end differed from her past flames. "In terms of my marriage to Eric, "I have never felt more myself or more free," she revealed. "Eric and I have a true mind, body [and] soul connection. Some of the things he loves most about me are my flaws. I am most certainly in this marriage and this life with Eric by my side with free will!" 

In a 2014 interview on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest," Simpson shared that she felt their family was complete with their two babies, so they didn't plan for any more in the future. However, they went on to welcome their third child, daughter Birdie Mae Johnson, on March 19, 2019.

Physical and mental intimacy are the building blocks of their love

In "Open Book," Jessica Simpson that Eric Johnson supported her in her sobriety journey. Simpson wrote that she realized she needed to quit drinking after she had a drink early in the morning on Halloween 2017 and couldn't help her kids get into their costumes. When she brought up the idea of quitting alcohol with her hubby, he told her he would also quit without a second thought. 

The "Where You Are" songstress was proud to share that they had both been sober since that day. While the spouses emotionally support each other, they also nurture the physical aspects of their relationship. As Simpson and Johnson neared their 10-year anniversary, People asked them how they kept their romance alive, and she revealed that the secret lay in kissing. She explained that every kiss had the potential to transport a couple to the start of their relationship and bring back the memories of their very first time locking lips.

While speaking to Access Hollywood (via Us Weekly), Simpson shared that Johnson ignited their spark by leaving her romantic notes to wake up to. She added, "There's a lot of things that make me like, 'I can't wait to get my hands on him later.' I think you have to have those little things as a couple that are just between you two." However, that isn't a breeze with three children, as the model revealed that one kid walked in on them having sex, but everyone pretended nothing unusual happened.

She doesn't shy away from sharing their romance with the world

We saw an example of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's steamy chemistry through their "50 Shades of Grey" themed Valentine's Day post in 2015. While Johnson doesn't seem keen on social media, Simpson frequently writes him Instagram tributes. In a post celebrating their eleventh anniversary, the "Dukes of Hazzard" star wrote that their first encounter felt almost fated because she went home knowing that her life had irrevocably changed for the better. 

In his 42nd birthday tribute, Simpson sweetly penned that Johnson was such a perfect match for her that she felt he had put into this world to love her forever. She also called him the answer to all her prayers and hopes of finding a good man. Simpson is equally generous with her praises off social media. While speaking to Us Weekly, the businesswoman shared that Johnson was an incredible father who didn't mind picking up chores surrounding her kids so that she could focus on her work. 

Given all this, it's unsurprising that she told People in 2022 that their relationship was only getting better. She attributed their success to honest communication and their ability to evolve together. Simpson also shared a pearl of advice: "[If you're with somebody] that doesn't make you feel heard or safe or put you on a pedestal, or just honored in a way, it's not worth it. If you can't be authentically yourself while you're madly in love with somebody, you're not in the right relationship."