Irish Wish Filmmakers Janeen And Michael Damian Confirm What We Suspected About Lindsay Lohan - Exclusive

From "The Parent Trap" to "Freaky Friday" to "Irish Wish" and every movie in between, Lindsay Lohan has proven she's an unforgettable force on screen. The actress has an electric energy that is front and center in each one of her films. You can't help but walk away from most of her movies feeling a sense of happiness and hopefulness once their happy endings unfold.

Amidst the Lohanaissance, the actress is back on screen, and perhaps even better than ever. In 2022, she made her Netflix holiday film debut in "Falling for Christmas." Ever since that project wrapped, director Janeen Damian has been eager to work with her again. "She's so fun-loving, and she's always done such fun, light films, and she's effervescent," the director described during an exclusive interview with Women Lifestyle.

Luckily, Lohan now has the starring role in Damian's new rom-com "Irish Wish," playing a writer who makes a wish that completely changes the trajectory of her life — and not exactly for the best.

According to producer Michael Damian, Lohan showed up to set each day ready to deliver. "She's so natural on camera. You feel like she just rolls out of bed and boom," he told us. However, while it may seem like second nature to Lohan after all these years on screen, that's not necessarily the case. "She puts in the work ahead of time and, like, the first take is magic right out of the gate," Michael said.

The filmmakers think this fact may surprise Lindsay Lohan fans

While most of Lindsay Lohan's films may have a fun, light-hearted feel to them, the actress takes every one of her roles incredibly seriously. "[Fans] might be surprised by her work ethic and how hard she works and how much she thinks about her character," director Janeen Damian told Women Lifestyle.

Throughout production, Janeen and Michael Damian worked closely with Lohan, not only as an actor, but also as an executive producer on the film. Together, they were able to give the world a warning in their film "Irish Wish" — to be careful what you wish for — while also giving audiences loads of laughs along the way, in exactly the style Lohan fans have always enjoyed. "She thinks about her audience," Janeen said. "She thinks very carefully about what projects that she does want to do, and she really delivers, and she shows up and delivers."

After all, show business is exactly that — a business — and it's one that Lohan continues to take over again and again.

"Irish Wish" is available to stream now on Netflix.