Inside Hallmark Star Jessica Lowndes' Lowkey Love Life

Jessica Lowndes jumped into her professional career as a teen. Since then, the actor and musician has participated in an eclectic mix of projects. Lowndes has acted in some big TV shows, like 100-plus episodes of the "90210" reboot. In addition, she's appeared in suspenseful films like "Deadly Midwife" and heartwarming Hallmark films like "Merry Matrimony."  A woman of many talents, Lowndes wrote, produced, and starred in the film "Harmony From the Heart." She's also created music videos for her songs and sung her own tunes in conjunction with movie roles. 

When it comes to her romantic life, however, Lowndes keeps things quiet. Over the years, Lowndes has been linked to multiple individuals. In 2008, she was reportedly in a relationship with Adam Gregory, an actor she worked with on "90210."  The following year, she was said to be dating Aaron Paul. At the time, the two actors were spotted strolling together after partying at a nightclub. 

Lowndes has also been connected to athletes. From 2012 to 2013, she was in a relationship with Jeremy Bloom, an Olympic skier and former NFL player. Even though they lived thousands of miles apart,  the two were photographed celebrating Lowndes' birthday in Las Vegas.  Surprisingly, Lowdes was a little more public with her next beau. In April 2013, the actor revealed her relationship with Thom Evans on Instagram. However, Lowndes and the former rugby player lived even farther apart than she and Bloom did. Months later, this relationship also ended. 

Lowndes' relationship with Jon Lovitz was a hilarious promotional extravaganza

In 2016, Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz tricked people into believing they were engaged. The previous year, Lowndes posted a picture of her and Lovitz enjoying a Hawaiian beach together with the caption, "Had fun on set and hanging out with my new friend Jon." The two were working together on "Hawaii Five-O," and their close connection led to light-hearted subterfuge, not romance. 

To set the scene, Lowndes made multiple cryptic posts on Instagram indicating her relationship with an older man in late March 2016. After a post featuring what appeared to be an engagement ring, another post included Lovitz's voice in a video of Lowndes in bed. In truth, Lowndes' posts were teasers for a video of her song "Déjà Vu (Remix)," which features her and Lovitz in an onscreen relationship. Just like the practical joke that led up to it, the song's video is filled with comedic situations and silly pop-ups like "Jessica's pet name for Jon is great-great-grandfather!" (a humorous reference to their over 30-year age difference).

This creative promotional plan generated tons of interest in Lowndes' song, which gets to the heart of her friendship with Lovitz. "He's been my biggest supporter, music-wise, and every time I write a new song, I send it to him," Lowndes informed Entertainment Weekly in 2016. She also expressed gratitude for her friend's participation by noting that Lovitz's acting skills were integral to the video's success.

Music is the love of Jessica Lowndes' life

Relationships may come and go for Jessica Lowndes, but music will always be an important part of her life. "I've been doing music since I could speak," Lowndes explained to Great American Family in 2021. "Even doing homework after school was set to piano music." Ironically, Lowndes' dislike of practicing piano motivated her to write songs. When she was less than enthused about playing the same classic arrangements over and over, Lowndes daydreamed her own compositions. Her musical career continues to grow, and on February 14, 2024, Lowndes released "88" –- music and videos that serve as a homage to the decade of her birth. 

Lowndes' musical career was catalyzed by good fortune. On a whim, she gave a sample of her work to a stranger she met on an airplane. "He ended up being a producer on the CBS show called 'Moonlight,'" Lowndes recalled to "Bringin' it Backwards." Musical rights to one song provided a financial boost while Lowndes looked for acting jobs.

Her musical abilities also played a pivotal role in her acting career. Lowndes' "90210" character was also a singer. Although she didn't fit the production's original conception of the character, Lowndes took a CD of her music to the audition. Despite being initially passed over, she was later offered the role. Since this experience was crucial for her development as an actor and musician, Lowndes would welcome the opportunity to participate in a "90210" revival.