What We Know About How Al Pacino And Noor Alfallah's Romance Began

Legendary actor Al Pacino made headlines in 2022 when rumors began that he was dating film producer Noor Alfallah. The two had been spotted together, and some were surprised by the fact that Pacino seemingly had feelings for a much younger woman. Despite their 53-year age gap, Alfallah and Pacino had no problem sparking a romance, with an insider telling People in June 2023, "Whatever develops in it down the road remains to be seen with the age difference, but they seem to enjoy each other's company and have things in common in the entertainment area." Many were even more shocked when it was reported that Alfallah was pregnant by Pacino, and they welcomed a son named Roman in June 2023. This is her first child, while Pacino has three adult children: Julie Pacino and twins Anton and Olivia Pacino

While many may have believed the two had a whirlwind fling, it actually started in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The two initially met one year prior while sitting next to one another at a gathering, and during the pandemic, the couple ended up benefitting from the stay-at-home orders as they got to know one another better. Interestingly enough, despite being born in different generations, Alfallah enjoyed spending time with and learning more about Pacino, with whom she shares a love of cinema.

The couple bonded over Al Pacino's movies

Noor Alfallah obtained her bachelor's degree in film from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts before completing her master's degree in film and television production at UCLA. Therefore, the vice president of Lynda Obst Productions who's produced movies like "Little Death" was familiar with Al Pacino and his illustrious career. This was something they bonded over during the pandemic.

Alfallah opened up during a rare March 2024 interview with Vogue Arabia about the early days of their relationship. "It was like film school with Al Pacino," she explained. "'Did you ever see Scarface?' he asked me. 'No,' I answered, 'though I know the lines. Say hello to my little friend.'" This allowed Pacino to introduce Alfallah to his earlier films, such as "Bobby Deerfield," which became one of Alfallah's favorite movies. 

In addition to spending time indoors catching up on the Oscar winner's work, the pair also played chess as they got to know one another. However, Alfallah was not necessarily looking for love during these hang-out sessions.

Noor Alfallah wasn't looking for a relationship at the time

During their first meeting at a mutual acquaintance's dinner party, the pair didn't exchange numbers until they saw one another at a different restaurant a year later. During the pandemic, their movie binge-watch sessions kept the two spending much time together, with Al Pacino's girlfriend Noor Alfallah admitting to Vogue Arabia, "It just became something more."

However, once things turned romantic and the couple welcomed their first child, they faced some turmoil. In September 2023, Alfallah filed for physical custody of their baby boy, with Pacino getting joint legal custody and visitation. This sparked breakup rumors. However, in October 2023, the pair enjoyed a night out in West Hollywood, appearing cozy with one another. The following month, she and "The Irishman" star reached a financial agreement for their son, Roman, which includes Pacino shelling out $30,000 a month in child support and $15,000 yearly for a college fund. 

The pair's relationship status remains unclear, especially after the "Billy Knight" producer told TMZ she wasn't interested in getting married. Nevertheless, Alfallah's history of dating other older men such as singer Mick Jagger suggests that the difference in life stages is certainly the least of their issues. "I was born in the wrong generation," Alfallah told Vogue Arabia. "I've been an old soul all my life."