Millie Bobby Brown Was Left Floundering During Jake Bongiovi's Proposal After A Major Mishap

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi's fairytale romance deserved the perfect proposal. In the "Stranger Things" star's 2023 WIRED interview, she confirmed that they met over Instagram and remained friends until they realized they had deeper feelings and Bongiovi joined her short relationship history. The former besties went Instagram official with their romance in November 2021 by posting a photo of Bongiovi kissing her cheek on the London Eye. Since then, the lovebirds haven't shied away from sharing their love with the world, frequently posting sweet snaps of each other on their social media pages. 

Bongiovi and Brown first sparked engagement rumors in 2022 after the Daily Mail shared photos of her brandishing a gold and diamond band on her ring finger. However, it turned out to be a false alarm since the happy couple officially shared news of their engagement in April 2023 through an Instagram post captioned with a lyric from Taylor Swift's "Lover."  

This might have you believe that Bongiovi took a more classic route, popping the question after a walk on the beach for instance. However, the reality was much different because the couple actually had a unique underwater proposal where they briefly lost the ring. During a February 2024 appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Brown explained, "Jake and I bonded over diving." She continued, "We love diving. We got our diving licenses together." So, her beau's request to go diving early in the morning while on vacation didn't raise any alarm bells about the proposal around the corner.

Jake Bongiovi made a dangerous move to save the engagement ring

While speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Millie Bobby Brown recalled how her now-fiancé Jake Bongiovi had hidden her engagement ring under a shell. Amidst the deep dive, he showed her the ring under the shell and said something she couldn't understand since, obviously, they were underwater at the time. This lapse in communication continued because the actor couldn't verbally accept his proposal, so she gave him a thumbs up instead. However, that only made it seem like she was saying no and intended to discuss it on the surface. 

Eventually, Brown made an okay sign with her fingers, and Bongiovi slipped the ring on. As she proudly showed him the bauble on her finger, it slipped off and swiftly started tumbling down toward the endless depths of the ocean. Fortunately, Bongiovi wasn't about to lose the diamond, so he swam down, despite the other diver's protests that the pressure at that level could be dangerous, and managed to grab a hold of the ring. 

Although things might not have gone to plan, Brown adorably reasoned that the mishap was a testament to their relationship: "I truly feel like it's a reflection of who he is and I feel like we're always going to have each other's backs, and if anyone drops the ball, we got it." She also confessed that Bongiovi intended to propose with her mom's ring, but she refused to give it to him because she rightly believed he could lose it in the ocean.

She isn't losing sleep over planning the wedding

Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown may have waited two years to lock things down, but she knew early on that their relationship was special. Speaking to The Sunday Times in August 2023, the "Damsel" star recollected telling her mother she had strong feelings for Bongiovi soon after they first started talking. Brown added that she couldn't come up with a specific reason for believing that he was The One, but she opined, "I think so much of life is overthinking. The one thing that made clear sense to me was him. So I didn't really have to do much thinking." 

The "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" actor also revealed that her mom couldn't be more stoked that she had found her perfect match and happily agreed to let her wear her engagement ring. Since Bongiovi is one of Jon Bon Jovi's four kids, the interviewer inquired about his feelings on the engagement. Brown gushed that her fiancé's family treated her like one of their own from the beginning, so they were ecstatic about her officially joining their brood. 

Like most brides-to-be, the happiness of the engagement also brought on the stress of wedding planning for the actor. However, she told Elle UK she wasn't obsessing over the nitty-gritty of the ceremony. Brown added that she was eager to see how their wedding would represent them both. During a previous "Good Morning America" appearance, Brown said that the excitement of wedding planning had doubled because she got to do it with the love of her life.