How To Watch TLC's I Love A Mama's Boy Without Cable

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Want to catch up on all the drama of TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy," but the show has made you too afraid to call your mom-in-law and ask for her cable log-in? There's no need to tiptoe around codependent family dynamics here. There are several ways to watch the cringe-tastic couples of this beloved (okay, maybe love-to-hate-it) reality series without cable.

Indeed, the truth about TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" is that for as awkward and uncomfortable as this show can be, we simply can't look away. The binge-worthy series follows four couples and each man's overbearing mother who turns every duo into an unwilling throuple. Think "Smothered," another TLC reality show that follows the unhealthily close dynamics between mothers and daughters, but for mothers and their adult sons.

As TLC put it in a 2020 press release, "The only thing standing between a couple's true love is a very different kind of 'other woman.' These guys are spoiled, coddled, and spoon-fed — in some cases quite literally — by their overbearing mothers, sending their relationships into serious romantic crisis." It's just as juicy and awful as you'd expect. Here's how to watch if you don't have cable access.


This TLC reality series might be lighter fare compared to Max's usual catalog of gritty, serious titles. But honestly, there are a few downright cringey moments from "I Love A Mama's Boy" disturbing enough to place this show in the same ranks as more stomach-turning selections like "The Sopranos," "The Outsider," and "Euphoria." (Okay, okay — we'll give these toxic moms credit where credit is due: There is no organized crime or drug use that we know of.) 

While TV and internet providers offer Max, it's also a standalone app that you can purchase through Amazon, Apple, Google, Roku, Samsung, and Verizon. You can stream Max content via smart TV, computer, game console, or mobile device. Plans start at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year with ads and there are ad-free options.

So, go ahead — give yourself a break from the dark and dramatic and opt for something dark and ... funny? It's no "White Lotus," but it will make you feel uncomfortable in a similar way.


Whether you're just not a huge fan of Max's overall selection or you're already a devoted Discovery+ fan, you'll be pleased to know that you can also stream TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" on this streaming service. You can also watch the rest of your favorite TLC shows as this platform hosts content from a wide range of channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Food Network, HGTV, ID, A&E, History, Lifetime, Travel, CNN, and more.

At only $5 a month (with ads), Discovery+ is a far more affordable option than shelling out money for a cable package. The platform is available on iOS and Android devices and all the usual gadgets — think television, computer, and Xbox. If you want to binge this cringey TLC series on Playstation, you must use Amazon Prime Video.

We won't judge you for "discovering" new ways to feel irresistibly awkward, like while you're watching "I Love A Mama's Boy" stars Tracy and Bryan getting interrupted by Bryan's mother, Jayne, in a hot tub — on their honeymoon. (Unsurprisingly, this is one moment that really disturbed fans, ourselves included.)


For reality series and sports aficionados alike, there's FuboTV, an alternative to cable that focuses on live sports but also offers a wide variety of all your TV favorites, including TLC. Because this platform is centered around sports television, you'll need to enter your zip code to determine which channels are available to you. For TLC, this shouldn't be an issue. 

FuboTV costs anywhere from $32.99 to $99.99 a month, depending on what plan you choose. You also get the added benefits of free cancellation at any time and thousands of hours worth of recording time, so you can watch your favorite shows (ahem, "I Love A Mama's Boy") anytime and on any device. 

Want to watch your favorite team play during dinner and check in on how reality stars Stephanie, Mike, and Liz's lives have changed since "I Love A Mama's Boy" for dessert? FuboTV. Want to hop over to your local news channel on a whim? FuboTV. Up for a TED Talk afterward as a mental palate cleanser? You guessed it — Fubo.


In true Apple fashion, Apple TV aims to be an all-inclusive entertainment service that negates the need for other devices, apps, or tech. Whether you have an actual Apple TV or watch your favorite Apple shows on the app, Apple TV+ gives you access to "I Love A Mama's Boy." You will have to pay either about $2.99 per episode or pay per season, the cost of which varies depending on which season you choose.

Complimentary Apple TV+ subscriptions are available for a limited time with the purchase of any Apple product, and the app is also available through Apple One, which bundles Apple subscriptions into one sum charge, so you don't have to get a million tiny charges sent to your debit card each month. Apple TV+ can be streamed on your go-to Apple device, smart TVs, game consoles, and select cable boxes. An obvious downside is its incompatibility with Android.

But hey, if the women of "I Love A Mama's Boy" can find a way to remain compatible with their man-child partners, then anything is possible, right?

Google Play Movies

Android users, you and your love of awkward TLC reality shows are not forgotten! "I Love A Mama's Boy" is also available on Google Play, Android's digital content platform that offers services similar to the Apple Store. Just like with Apple, you can purchase "I Love A Mama's Boy" by the episode or by the season on Google Play, which you can then stream on your Android device or television with the Google TV app. You can stream Google Play content on a web browser with a Gmail account; no Android devices are needed. 

Google Play is a slightly cheaper option per episode than Apple TV at only $1.99 a show. Season prices are staggered starting at $13.99 for Season 1. If you have a specific episode you want to watch (for something particularly juicy, we recommend Season 2 when Mike's mom sabotages his engagement) or if you want to try one episode before committing to the whole season, Google Play seems to be the most low-committal, cheapest option. However, these relationship dynamics are too outlandish to watch just one episode.


For TLC lovers who aren't on the Apple or Android train but want a streaming option with an equally low-commitment vibe as purchasing episodes or seasons via Apple TV+, Vudu (also known as Fandango at Home) is a great option. Unlike other options on this list, Vudu is a digital content delivery platform. That means you pay for titles you want and nothing else. 

Creating an account is free, and the platform does offer some free titles to browse — though "I Love A Mama's Boy" is not included in the free category. At the time of this writing, one season of the TLC series is $14.99 in HDX and $13.99 in SD. For one extra dollar, we do think there's something to be said about watching this pure cringe-fest in high definition as opposed to standard definition. But you do you. You'll be uncomfortable either way, we promise. 

Vudu lets you enjoy your favorite reality series untethered to a monthly subscription. You know, untethered, just like how "I Love A Mama's Boy" stars Justina and Jason are not when it comes to Jason's mom.


Of course, another convenient way to watch all of Nancy's worst moments on TLC's "I Love A Mama's Boy" is the same place you can find virtually anything else: Amazon. Every season of this TLC reality show is available on the mega-retailer, but the cost to watch increases as you progress through the series. The cheapest available option is Season 1 at $2.99 an episode or $13.59 a season, and the most expensive is Season 3 at $2.99 or $22.39 per episode or season.

This streaming option is an easy way for avid Amazon shoppers to keep their favorite titles close to their other purchases, whether different TV or movie titles or a bi-weekly grocery order. But this isn't just an option for Prime members — you don't need to be signed up for Amazon Prime to rent or purchase from its wide television and film catalog.

Now that you're well-equipped with streaming options for "I Love A Mama's Boy," it's time to sit back, cringe, laugh, and suffer a little bit of secondhand embarrassment. But don't worry — that last bit's part of the fun of watching.