King Charles' Health Issues Spell Major Wake-Up Call For Prince William

On the heels of his hospital stay for surgery on an enlarged prostate, it was recently announced that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. The statement from Buckingham Palace announcing Charles' diagnosis said he will "postpone public-facing duties" while undergoing his cancer treatments.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, was also recently hospitalized following an operation but was sent home to recuperate in late January. William, Prince of Wales, is continuing public duties following his wife being discharged from the hospital — but now, it's possible even more responsibilities will fall on his shoulders following his father's cancer diagnosis.

Rachel Bowie, co-host of the "Royally Obsessed" podcast, spoke with USA Today about the situation and hypothesized what William may be feeling: "I also just feel like the pressure on William has never been greater because his wife is not able to participate, he has three children he's kind of helping look after, as he should, and then now, he has to kind of carry the weight (of father King Charles)." Bowie also remarked that in the wake of all the health issues and seeing so many royals stepping back, "It really does make you think about just how slim the monarch feels."

One royal expert thinks William is 'ready to take his responsibilities'

In an interview with GB News, journalist and royal correspondent Michael Cole spoke about how William, Prince of Wales', life will presumably change following King Charles III's cancer diagnosis. He believes William will need "to take a more prominent role" in the royal family, maybe earlier than he wanted to.

"But I think a lot is going through Prince William's mind," Cole continued later in the interview. Cole explained that William's family is his focus, saying: "And they are quite rightly his main priority. But, but, but the demands of state, the demands of duty, are there. Life isn't one long polo match, and eventually one day, he's gonna have to be king if all things go according to what we can anticipate." Cole feels William was prepared to take that place, adding, "I'm sure he's ready to take his responsibilities."

King Charles' cancer diagnosis means the monarchy will have to operate a little differently moving forward. However, since Charles will still be doing some work, William and the other Counsellors of State — royals who can work in King Charles' place if he's temporarily unable to do his royal duties — are not set to be appointed.