A Look At Kylie Kelce's Gorgeous Transformation

Kylie Kelce (née McDevitt), the beloved wife of Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, has become a prominent figure in the pop culture sphere. Of course, there's her connection to her NFL husband, but there's also brother-in-law Travis Kelce's new girlfriend, the one and only Taylor Swift

While Kylie did indeed marry into a very famous sports family, she sure does not seem to care about being a celebrity. Her humble nature and easygoing personality have endeared her to many. As an unnamed source gushed to People in January 2024, "Kylie is so great. She's very sweet and level-headed, very cool. Everybody loves her, like everybody." Despite the demands of being married to an NFL star and the responsibilities of motherhood, Kylie manages to navigate her busy life with grace, earning her a reputation as a generous, funny, and philanthropic woman. As People's tipster said, Kylie is "one of those people where you meet her, and immediately you're like, you're amazing." 

Of course, being Jason Kelce's other half is only part of her story. Here's how Kylie Kelce went from star student athlete to reluctant public figure.

Kylie Kelce was born in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce is originally from Ohio, but his wife, Kylie Kelce, was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Born in 1992, Kylie spent her formative years in Narberth, a suburb of Philadelphia, fully immersed in the Eagles' culture and community. She attended Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, where she played field hockey. 

In January 2024, a photo from one of Kylie's yearbooks went viral after another fellow alum posted the image. As they wrote on X (previously Twitter), "Kylie Kelce and I went to the same high school, yet somehow she ended up in a box with Taylor Swift while I ordered DoorDash and watched them on TV."

Her local ties remained strong as she continued her education at Cabrini University in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Majoring in communications, Kylie's journey through college was shared with her supportive partner, Jason Kelce (the couple met in 2015, and Kylie graduated from college in 2017). When they had their first child, Jason spoke about the positive aspects of living in the city that his wife is from. In a post-game interview, he told reporters, "We're really fortunate. ... She's from the area, both of her parents are here... she has a lot of friends, family members," emphasizing how grateful he was for the support system the family has in the City of Brotherly Love.

She was a college athlete and later became a coach

Kylie Kelce's journey in the world of athletics extends beyond her support for the Philadelphia Eagles. A former standout field hockey player, Kylie has not only showcased her skills on the field but has also transitioned into coaching. During her senior year at Cabrini University in 2016, Kylie earned notable recognitions, being named to the All-CSAC First Team and ECAC South All-Stars First Team. She demonstrated her scoring abilities, amassing 15 points through five goals and five assists. Reflecting on her time on the team in a 2019 Instagram post, Kylie wrote, "One of the best decisions I've ever made was to become a part of the Cabrini Field Hockey family."

Her love for the sport began at an early age. "I started playing field hockey when I was going into second grade... it has stuck with me ever since," she told Spectrum News in November 2023. She also noted that because of her height and natural athletic abilities, her dad figured she should give basketball, lacrosse, and soccer a try, too. However, the other sports just weren't for her. "Field hockey is what stuck," she said. "I haven't had a fall without field hockey since seventh grade between coaching or playing, and I have no intentions of breaking that streak anytime soon." After a successful collegiate career, Kylie returned to her roots, taking on the role of head coach at her alma mater, Lower Merion High School.

Kylie Kelce met her husband on a dating app

The last thing that Kylie Kelce expected to see while swiping through a dating app was an NFL player, but that is exactly what happened; the mother and field hockey coach met her now husband, Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Kelce, on Tinder. In the Amazon documentary "Kelce," Kylie recounted the story of how she met Jason.

According to Kylie, she had absolutely no idea who he was when she first swiped right. "None of his pictures showed Eagles football," she said in the documentary. On a September 2023 episode of "New Heights," Kylie shared that she later found out that there was one photo of Jason that was taken during a game, but anything that might've tipped her off — like a jersey number or scoreboard — was cropped out by the app. "The only thing you could see was his face," she told Jason's brother and podcast co-host, Travis Kelce

Kylie and her friends soon connected the dots and realized the guy in the picture was Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. Still, Kylie assumed it was someone pretending to be the pro football star. When Jason invited Kylie to join him and his friends at a local bar, she decided to take the chance, figuring it'd be a good story. Jason was smitten from the moment she arrived. As he said on "New Heights," "It was like I was in a movie for a split second."

Kylie Kelce teamed up with the Eagles Autism Foundation

Kylie Kelce is not just a loving mom and supportive partner; she's also dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. Together with Jason Kelce, Kylie has been actively involved with the Eagles Autism Foundation. Since early 2022, she's been an event consultant for the nonprofit. Before that, she regularly volunteered. 

On a September 2023 episode of the "New Heights" podcast, Kylie shared that one of her oldest friends has autism. "[As a child], it never really registered with me that we were interacting with someone who was on the spectrum," she said. "When I got a little bit older and realized how impactful to have Tim in my life and understand autism on a personal level ... it helped me decide on a career after college. I went to work one-to-one with individuals who had special needs." After that, she teamed up with the Eagles Autism Foundation. Every year, the organization hosts the Eagles Autism Challenge, an event where people can sign up to participate in bike rides and foot races. 

In addition to autism advocacy, Kylie also uses field hockey to give back. In 2023, she led a Stick With KC field hockey clinic for kids in Kansas City. At the event, she told Spectrum News, "Overall, sports teaches teamwork, it teaches coming together to work towards a common goal, and all of those skills are transferable skills to the rest of life." Clearly, Kylie Kelce's dedicated to using her platform for good.

Kylie Kelce became a mom

Kylie Kelce has embraced the joys and challenges of motherhood as the proud parent of three daughters alongside her NFL star husband, Jason Kelce. The couple's journey into parenthood began with the arrival of their eldest daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, on October 2, 2019. Next was Elliotte Ray, who was born in March 2021. Their third, Bennett Llewellyn, was welcomed on February 23, 2023, just after the Super Bowl.

Jason, known for his vibrant personality on and off the field, expressed immense joy in being a girl dad. As the Philadelphia Eagles player told People, "Before I had children, I told myself if I ever have a daughter, I'm just going to treat them exactly the same as a son." However, Jason's tune changed after his three daughters arrived. The football star has admitted that his previous parenting plans went out the window the moment he held his first daughter. "When I had a daughter, I was like, 'I'm not going to spoil her, I'm going to raise her tough'... And the moment she came out, I was like, 'Yeah, that's not going to work,'" he said.

The Kelce family enjoys creating lasting memories, from taking Wyatt to her first football game in July 2023, to beach trips where Jason and Wyatt share sweet moments over ice cream. Kylie, sharing the resemblance between father and daughter on Instagram, captioned her story, "When people say that she looks like me, I'm going to show them this photo."

She thought she might go into labor at the 2023 Super Bowl

Kylie Kelce, the wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, had a unique Super Bowl experience in February 2023. As if the Eagles going head-to-head with Travis Kelce's team, the Kansas City Chiefs, wasn't enough excitement for the family, Kylie was pregnant with her third kid and approaching her 38th week of pregnancy. Kylie attended the Super Bowl with an extra special guest: her OB-GYN.

As Jason shared on "New Heights" ahead of the Super Bowl, they had some concerns about Kylie potentially going into labor. "That could be a Super Kelce Bowl. If she has a baby in the stadium, it's officially scripted," Jason said. Travis agreed, adding, "We're in the Matrix. There's no f***ing way."

After the big game, which the Eagles lost, Jason told Today, "I was rooting for it to happen at the Super Bowl." Kylie, on the other hand, had a different perspective: "I was crossing my legs and fingers trying not to let anything happen." While the Super Bowl is known for its thrilling moments on the field and epic halftime show performances, this extra level of unpredictability made it a special event for the Kelce family.

Kylie Kelce wasn't surprised when Jason Kelce was named one of the Sexiest Men Alive

When Jason Kelce was named one of People's Sexiest Men of the Year in 2023 alongside Hollywood stars like Timothée Chalamet and Jamie Foxx, it was a moment of recognition for the Philadelphia Eagles player's appeal. Jason took the acknowledgment in stride, writing on X, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Kylie Kelce responded to all of these "beholders." "Let me just say, I am almost six feet tall, and I'm not thin. I will hold my ground," she said in a "New Heights" clip. "That is mine." And in her aforementioned interview with Spectrum News, Kylie playfully remarked that she wasn't surprised to see her husband on the list. "I've known this the whole time. This is not news to me," she said. 

Jason's looks may have landed him in People magazine, but they're not all he has to offer. On a September 2023 episode of "New Heights," Kylie opened up about some of the many reasons why she loves her significant other. "The best thing about living with Jason is that we get to raise our girls together. There are few things as attractive as seeing your husband, like, be a father," she shared. And being one of the Sexiest Men of the Year won't change that. As Kylie said to Spectrum News, "[A]t the end of the day, he's still tucking in toddlers at the end of the night and getting called in for kid duty."

Her link to Taylor Swift brought unwanted attention

While Kylie Kelce certainly clicked with her brother-in-law's new mega-superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift, she is not exactly a big fan of the attention that comes with being the musician's friend. While chatting with Spectrum News at the Stick with KC field hockey clinic in 2023, she shared, "It's not particularly my cup of tea to be in the spotlight or in front of a camera. I was a communications major in college; I love to be behind it. That's my bread and butter." Despite her reserved nature, Kylie recognizes that she can put this extra attention to good use and promote causes near and dear to her heart. "At the end of the day, if it creates opportunities like this where we can leverage my network and figure out how to impact a community that has been so, so kind to the entire Kelce family," she said.

When Kylie joined Swift in the Kelce family's suite at the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills playoff game in January 2023, snaps of the two landed all over social media. To the delight of fans far and wide, Kylie and Swift seemed to get on like gangbusters. While we're inclined to assume Kylie wasn't wild about being in so many viral clips and photos, that didn't get in the way of their blossoming friendship: Kylie hung out with Swift yet again at the AFC Championship game. 

She does not have a cat... yet

Kylie Kelce is a cat person, but her husband, Jason Kelce, is not. So, what does a person do when their partner isn't a fan of cats? They play up their partner's sibling's connection to a famous cat lover, of course. On a December 2023 episode of "New Heights," Kylie told brother-in-law Travis Kelce that she hopes to add a feline friend to their family, but has run into a small issue: Jason's not on board. Looking at Travis, she quipped, "I feel like you might like cats now." Since 2023, Travis has been in a relationship with Taylor Swift, who is very much a cat person. 

While we don't know if Travis has become a full-blown cat person yet, we do know he's down to help out his sister-in-law, even joking that he'd find a furry friend for Kylie. After Travis implied he'd get her a cat, Kylie replied, "I don't want you to send a cat... I just want you to get on my team here." Jason said he'd be fine with a totally outdoor cat that would take care of mice, but that's not what Kylie's looking for. 

After the podcast, Kylie made it clear that she would get her way no matter what Jason said. "'I'm not asking for permission, I'm doing this' — the exact quote I will say when I'm grabbing the keys to go get a cat," she posted on X (previously Twitter). Kelce fans and Swifties alike wish Kylie the best of luck in her cat adoption endeavors.

Kylie Kelce feels 'guilty' that people are interested in her life

Despite finding herself just outside of the center of a media storm thanks to the burgeoning relationship between pop star Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Kylie Kelce remains grounded and down to earth. As compelling as her life may seem to the rest of the world, as far as she's concerned, her day-to-day life isn't that remarkable. As she said on "GMA" in January 2024, "I almost feel a little guilty that people are so interested and invested in what I'm doing. I'm like, I am trying to scrape applesauce off the couch ... this is not that fascinating. It's funny to me. I deeply appreciate the support."

Of course, Kylie was a household name before Swift started dating her brother-in-law. But while she is indeed married to a famous football player, she doesn't identify as a WAG. When the term came up on a September 2023 episode of "New Heights," Kylie winced and said, "Don't call it that, that's terrible." She went on to tell Travis and Jason Kelce that she believes the term is rooted in disrespectful stereotypes. As she told her husband and brother-in-law, a lot of people make assumptions about sports stars' partners and their intentions — namely, that they aren't in it for the right reasons. "That they are with their significant others for reasons other than that they truly love them. That is the part that deeply bothers me," she said.

Kylie Kelce joined forces with Dove for a good cause

Whether she's hanging out with her children at home or coaching kids at a field hockey clinic, Kylie Kelce actively promotes positive body talk and self-esteem among girls. Partnering with Dove's self-esteem project for young athletes, she aims to instill body confidence and foster a healthy body image. Dove's Keep Her Confident campaign's other celebrity ambassadors are Venus Williams and Steve Young.

In her aforementioned "GMA" interview, Kylie emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive tone when discussing anything related to the body. As a mother, she actively engages in positive reinforcement with her own daughters, encouraging a healthy perception of their bodies. "We're making it a point right now to emphasize a positive tone when we talk about anything body-wise," she said. Like our one daughter will sort of rub her belly and I'm like, 'Oh, that is the most beautiful belly I've ever seen.'"

Kylie's commitment extends beyond her immediate family, as she is also careful in how she talks about herself and her body in front of the field hockey players that she coaches. "I am now hyper-aware of how I talk about myself and my body, not only in front of my daughters but in front of my players," she said on "GMA." "I think it's important to model that positive body talk about yourself because then they're taking that away from what you're doing."