Rumors About Brittany & Patrick Mahomes Have Fans Going Wild

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have long been prominent figures in the NFL community, but it wasn't until Taylor Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce that they found themselves in the spotlight of mainstream attention. Both in virtual spaces and in the real world, Patrick and Brittany have become constant subjects of headlines, not only for their connection with the music superstar but also due to various rumors that have captured the imagination of their fans. While some of the claims were unfounded, such as speculations about Patrick banning Brittany from his games, others may have a grain of truth to them.

In a joint interview on "CBS Mornings," the Mahomes candidly addressed the challenges of living in the public eye. "I was not prepared for this," said Brittany, adding, "I didn't expect it to skyrocket this soon and us, just kind of like, being thrown into the fire like this." She went on to share how negative experiences on social media led her to reconsider sharing every detail of their private lives online, but her caution hasn't prevented the continuous circulation of rumors about the spouses.

Brittany and Jackson Mahomes were allegedly banned from attending Chiefs games

In 2022, Mahomes' fans went wild after a rumor started circulating that Patrick Mahomes had supposedly asked his then-fiancée Brittany Mahomes and his brother Jackson Mahomes to stop attending his games. The rumor gained traction on social media after a tweet by former NFL player Rich Ohrnberger, who claimed, "Mahomes believes that Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their sideline antics are bad for his brand." Notably, Jackson and Brittany are both known for questionable behavior during Patrick's games, including TikTok dances on the field and spraying champagne at fans sitting below the VIP seating area. Before the rumor started circulating, NFL fans urged Patrick on social media to do something about Brittany and Jackson's behavior.

However, the ban rumor turned out to be just that — a rumor. Patrick took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to debunk the rumor himself. He wrote, "Y'all just be making stuff up these days," followed by three crying-laughing emojis. Ohrnberger also backtracked on his earlier claim, stating, "I can't substantiate the information that I tweeted out earlier today regarding Patrick Mahomes and his family." He added, "The source I received this information from was posing as someone I trust." The former NFL player has since deleted the tweets, and both Brittany and Jackson have subsequently attended Patrick's matches despite the controversy.

Taylor Swift reportedly doesn't like Brittany Mahomes

When Taylor Swift started dating Travis Kelce, who is Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs teammate, her fans weren't the only ones worried about their romance. Interestingly, social media users speculated that Brittany Mahomes would have a hard time accepting that she'd have to share the spotlight at her husband's games. Additionally, Swift was allegedly not too keen on Brittany either, with a source calling in The Sports Hub's "Zolak and Bertrand" radio show claiming that the superstar didn't want to be near Brittany at a December 2023 Chiefs game against the New England Patriots. "One of the sources I have is saying [Swift] doesn't want to be with Brittany Mahomes. I don't know why," the man stated.

Not too long before the feud rumor gained momentum, the Mahomes did a holiday campaign for SKIMS, Kim Kardashian's underwear brand. As Swift's feud with Kardashian and Kanye West hurt her more than we knew, it seemed plausible that she might want to avoid any association with Brittany. Furthermore, Swifties uncovered Brittany's old tweets bashing Swift. In one such post, which has since been deleted, Brittany wrote, "Taylor Swift... I want to know when you're gonna find something different to write about besides boys and relationships."

However, the rumors were quickly squandered by both Swift and Brittany, who appear to be close at every Chiefs game they attend together. They were also photographed together on various outings sans their respective partners, so it's safe to say there's no drama there.

The Mahomes were accused of being bad tippers

In January 2024, TikTok user Jessica O'Connor shared a video on her account alleging that Brittany Mahomes and her group of friends displayed less-than-generous behavior during their stay at a prestigious Hollywood hotel. O'Connor, who was a part of the five-star hotel's waiting staff at the time, recounted, "They were there for almost a week, I think, and did not tip a single one of our staff." O'Connor went on to claim, "Not only did she not tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant."

Interestingly, the comment section revealed additional anecdotes about the Mahomes' stinginess, with one user stating, "Patrick [Mahomes] played golf at a course my friend works at, and they said he didn't tip anyone either." Another person chimed in, "I've heard this from servers at the capital grille in Kansas City years ago." While the Mahomes' alleged lack of generosity has been making headlines, neither Brittany nor Patrick have responded to the allegations thus far, leaving haters to go wild with the embarrassing narrative.