How Hallmark Star Ashley Williams' Living Situation Has Changed Over The Years

Hallmark flicks like "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "Notes of Autumn" see Ashley Williams traverse scenic and unfamiliar locales alongside swoon-worthy love interests. While we love seeing her fictional characters adapt to such picturesque settings, these travels are hardly a TV-screen exclusive. Williams' personal life has taken her all over the place, with the New York native even adopting a nomadic lifestyle throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're unfamiliar, modern nomads are individuals or communities that do not have permanent residences, but instead choose to travel from location to location. Williams adopted this lifestyle alongside her husband Neal Dobson and their two children, taking to Instagram to provide glimpses into pandemic travel adventures. "I've crashed with family, in hotels, probably ten different @Airbnb's," Williams wrote in February 2021. "This masked, nomadic life is colorful, strange, and inspiring." This travel-oriented lifestyle marked a big change for Williams, but she has since started a new chapter in her life by putting down roots in a new place.

Williams lived a nomadic lifestyle during the pandemic

Ashley Williams' nomadic lifestyle began at the start of the COVID-19 quarantine, with the Hallmark star sharing on Instagram that she was in Canada for her directorial debut when production was shut down. "My husband and two kids were visiting from New York," she wrote. "We decided to rent an Airbnb for a week while things 'calmed down' in New York. They didn't."

With everything shutting down, Williams and her family traveled to stay with her sister Kimberly Williams-Paisley and famous brother-in-law Brad Paisley in California. While they bunked down there for a few months, the pandemic seemingly prompted the Williams family to kick off their nomadic lifestyle. Likely, Williams and her family frequently traveled for her acting work during this time, as she filmed on projects like "Amber Brown" and "Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater."

Throughout the pandemic, the Hallmark star stayed in almost thirty Airbnbs with her little community, eventually posting on Instagram about missing her New York roots. "Today marks one year since I left home and came to Canada to direct a movie," she captioned a throwback subway picture. "I miss nyc. I miss my beloved next door neighbor @mandermeln. I miss the subway."

The Hallmark star celebrated putting down roots

While Ashley Williams and her family practiced a nomadic lifestyle throughout the height of the pandemic, the Hallmark star has since decided to put down roots in LA. In 2023, the "How I Met Your Mother" actor purchased a 1970s house in Studio City, California for $2 million. Since then, she's documented different moments from her renovation journey on her Instagram story, nicknaming the property the "Tree House."

On her main feed, Williams has celebrated major renovation milestones, such as replacing the outdoor trashcans after move-in day and furnishing her son's bedroom with a paid partnership. In the latter post, she reflected on the travel-filled lifestyle that predated the family's permanent move to LA. "After 33 airbnbs, we're finally home," she wrote. "New York City seems so far away but all the dreams I had when I was there are now coming true."

Snapshots of Williams' completed renovations were featured on the @annsacks Instagram page, showing off the cozy details and unique patterns throughout the Hallmark star's new home. While we imagine nomadic living has its benefits, we love seeing Ashley Williams make such a beautiful home for her family.