How A Hot Tub Created BTS Headaches For The Napiers During Home Town Filming

The stars of "Home Town," Erin and Ben Napier, always seem to pull off their renovations with such ease and grace that it can be easy to overlook all of the hard work and hiccups behind the scenes. But we know from other HGTV favorites — like Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt of "100 Day Dream Home," whose deadline was thwarted by a hurricane – that sometimes unforeseen events happen.

Erin let fans in on one of her and Ben's own unexpected mishaps as part of an Instagram post in January 2024. The Laurel, Mississippi, resident detailed how she and her husband overhauled a lovely home for a client named Mike Terrell by adding modern touches and luxury finishes, one of them being a hot tub. However, the Napiers had quite the time trying to actually receive the outdoor spa. Erin wrote, "The original hot tub was stolen en route to delivery and the truck driver ghosted us!" According to Heavy, it wasn't just your run-of-the-mill hot tub that was stolen, but a contemporary stainless steel tub.

The replacement luxury hot tub that was finally added to Mike's backyard deck was gently set down via a crane, which hoisted it over the home's roofline. It was high-end, to be sure, and appeared to be well worth the wait, which was so long it delayed filming.

Home Town was held up

Unlike standard tubs, a luxury stainless steel tub is likely a bit harder to come by. Fortunately, another model did eventually arrive, and the Napiers were able to complete Mike Terrell's house — though not before Ben had a trial-run dip in the spa.

Commenters on Erin's post were less troubled with the theft of the hot tub and more concerned about the overall luxury of the home. The quaint house, which once belonged to beloved residents Gwen and William Burton, a couple the Napiers were familiar with, had a rather high price tag. Once it was completely outfitted with all the high-end furnishings its new owner, Mike, had chosen, fans surmised its value greatly increased. "Such a fun episode but the house prices were sticker shock for what I'm used to with this show!" commented one, while another noted, "Missing the cheap old houses that you bring back to life."

Reinvigorating Laurel for the benefit of the community has long been a passion for the Napiers. Erin once recalled to Southern Living what it was like returning to Laurel after college. "It was just us and the feral cats," she said. "For the six of us, all in our twenties, it was like a game: How can we make downtown Laurel feel alive again?" However, as one commenter put it, "I'm not sure even the cheap old house are so cheap anymore..."

Laurel almost wasn't revived

Before artists like Mike Terrell or families from Canada flocked to Laurel, Mississippi, to be featured on HGTV's "Home Town," the city wasn't exactly thriving. In fact, the Napiers really debated on returning to the place where they grew up. Speaking to People, Erin confessed, "When we finished college we weren't planning to come back here." The couple had considered bigger cities like Nashville or Memphis and even New York.

However, Erin and Ben Napier decided that moving back home was actually the "rebellious" thing to do. Ben admitted, "I think the stigma [of returning home] is that it's a sign of giving up." But Erin believes the opposite is true. Ash she said, "Everywhere has problems. You can either complain about them and leave, or you can stay and do something about it." The Napiers, along with other strong-willed community members, really helped to bring back Laurel, especially its historic downtown shopping district.

According to Southern Living, by May 2023, the Napiers had put their special touch on 50 homes in Laurel and the nearby surrounding area. Erin admitted the tension she sometimes feels between the past and the future, writing on Instagram, "That's maybe the hardest part of making #HGTVHomeTown — it's actually my hometown and I have personal connections to the families who designed these homes that were once their pride and joy." Still, she feels they can respectfully honor both parties, even if it entails a luxury modern hot tub addition.