What To Know About Hallmark Star Jonathan Keltz

Actor Jonathan Keltz made his mark on Hallmark Channel by appearing in a variety of their feel-good romance movies. His career success is in part due to his parents moving him from New York to Toronto when he was a teenager. Keltz told The TV Addict in 2015 how that move was beneficial. "I started working when I was about 16 years old doing film and TV stuff in Toronto," the actor explained, "and I used that experience to get representation out in L.A., then moved to L.A. right after high school." Although he wasn't a main cast member of "Degrassi," Keltz appeared in four episodes of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" while living in Toronto.

Jonathan isn't the only member of the Keltz family with an entertainment industry connection. His father, Martin Keltz, co-founded Scholastic Productions, Inc. Martin produced a variety of film and TV projects aimed at young audiences with that company.

One role Jonathan was particularly excited to get was Jake Steinberg on "Entourage." In an interview with TV Fanatic about getting the part, he said, "I did about 37 backflips." He surprised his friends by not telling them he got on the show. Their reaction was priceless — as he explained, "Everyone was freaking out, my phone was ringing off the hook." The character of Jake wound up sticking around on "Entourage" longer than the single scene he was written for, and his star only kept rising from there.

Many of Keltz's roles have involved a fake British accent

Another high-profile role for Jonathan Keltz came with "Reign," is a historical fiction series based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Keltz played Leith, a servant who rose through the ranks and became a bodyguard. While speaking with TV Rage about the part, he recounted a fight sequence that found him taking an accidental hit to the face. "I had a nice little war wound for a few days, but it was well worth it," he enthused. Keltz also spoke highly of his "Reign" castmates, including "Grey's Anatomy" star Adelaide Kane, who played Mary.

Playing Leith meant that Keltz had to use a fake British accent. He told Talk Nerdy With Us that he would use the British accent until the end of each shooting day so he didn't have to focus on it so much. His work perfecting the accent came in handy again for two of his Hallmark movies, "Once Upon a Prince" and "Fit For a Prince." 

While promoting "Once Upon a Prince," Keltz told Hallmark Channel (while in a British accent) about his method of keeping the accent even between takes. "That makes me less self-conscious about it," he explained. "I want to be able to feel relaxed and not thinking about it so that it's something that's habitual versus something that I have to actively work on."

Keltz's fiancée is an actor too

In addition to his time in front of the camera, Jonathan Keltz has worked as a producer on some projects, including "Acquainted," in which he also acted. His fiancée, Laysla De Oliveira, starred in that film, as did some of Keltz's co-stars from "Reign."

While being interviewed by "Home & Family" for "Once Upon a Prince" in 2018, Keltz explained how he and De Oliveira met. He called it "love at first sight" and continued, "I was just sort of drawn to her and, you know, she told me she was an actor and in theater school, and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm an actor too!' And she's like, 'No, you're not. You don't have to say that. It's okay, I'm gonna talk to you.'" The duo were friends for a while before they started dating.

They got engaged in December 2021, which Keltz commemorated on Instagram. They're both supportive of each others' work as actors. Keltz shared a photo of them on the red carpet for De Oliveira's show "Special Ops: Lioness" on Instagram and said, "Exploding with pride. Bursting with adoration. Overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to share this moment with you." De Oliveira returned the favor by commenting "MY NUMBER ONE HALLMARK HUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on one of Keltz's posts about the film "Christmas By Design." To see more glimpses of the talented couple, they can both be spotted on their dog Lua's Instagram account.