Will Taylor Swift Be At The Super Bowl? Here's How She Could Make It Happen

Are you ready for it? Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is headed to the Super Bowl after winning the AFC Championship game. They'll be playing the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on February 11, 2024. The big question — along with who the winner will be — is will Taylor Swift, Kelce's girlfriend, be there? We're going to bet that she is, even though it would involve lots of flying since she'll be performing on the other side of the world the day before the big game. Here's how the schedule breaks down, and why we think she'll be there.

Swift is starting back up with more international dates on The Eras Tour, starting on February 7 in Tokyo. She performs there four nights in a row, then she has nearly a week off — her next show is on February 16 in Melbourne, Australia. Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas. So she could fly out of Tokyo at, say, 1:01 a.m. on February 11, and she would arrive in Las Vegas on the evening of February 10. Plenty of time! 

We hope she makes it, if nothing else, to see Kelce send Swift a sweet gesture from the field. The tour dates must have been planned long before Kelce and Swift started dating, so we like to think it was serendipity that there just happened to be a blank space in her schedule to see Kelce play.

Taylor Swift has time to get back to Australia after the Super Bowl

If Taylor Swift does show up in Las Vegas to watch boyfriend Travis Kelce play in the Super Bowl, she won't have much time to celebrate with him after the Chiefs win (or comfort him after a loss). Remember, she has to be back in Melbourne by February 16, and the time difference that helps her on the way from Tokyo to Las Vegas works against her on the way back to that side of the world. But if she left on February 12, she'd be back in Australia by February 14, giving her at least a full day to rest up. All in all, we think she can make it, and it certainly helps that she has her own plane! However, she may have to limit loud cheering to help save her voice.

For those flying to the game on commercial flights, there are a few Swiftie-Kelce Easter eggs in the form of some new flight numbers. You can fly on flight 1989 (Swift's fifth studio album) with American Airlines from Kansas City to Las Vegas, and you can fly back on flight 87 (Kelce's jersey number), per SkiftUnited also has a 1989 flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas, and they used a picture of a shirtless Jason Kelce from the Chiefs-Buffalo Bills playoff game to promote the new flights.