Leonardo DiCaprio And Jacob Elordi Bonded Over Euphoria In A Nightclub

"Euphoria," HBO's gritty teen drama, delves deep into the lives of several adored but complex characters who all have some connection to the series' focal point, Rue Bennett (portrayed by Zendaya), a 17-year-old recovering drug addict navigating her way through high school while grappling with the challenges of addiction and mental health issues. Among those characters is football jock Nate Jacobs, whose outward confidence conceals a dark and troubled persona. Brought to life by heartthrob Jacob Elordi, Nate's tumultuous life and toxicity have positioned him as a compelling antagonist, capturing the attention of various viewers, including acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Oscar award-winning star is not only a supporter of "Euphoria," but he is also a fan of Elordi and his work. DiCaprio, best known for iconic roles in the "Titanic" and "The Wolf Of Wall Street," made this abundantly clear during several interactions with Elordi. Though fans may not see DiCaprio in the upcoming season of "Euphoria," it's highly likely he will be watching after bonding with Elordi.

DiCaprio praised Elordi for his portrayal in several season one scenes

As a key figure in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio knows talent, which he recognized immediately in actor Jacob Elordi. This proved true during a nightclub encounter where DiCaprio made it his business to praise Elordi in the middle of the packed venue. During a January 18, 2024 episode appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Elordi, who was surprised that DiCaprio was a "Euphoria" viewer, recounted this chance encounter to Fallon, stating "We're in this club and there's really loud music and everything and he's like, 'That shot in the first season, that shot where you came in ... ' And it's him and I in the middle of this club talking about camera angles. It was amazing. He's the GOAT" [via Us Weekly].

It's unknown which scene they were discussing. However, this moment apparently built a mutual respect between the performers. That instance was not the only time DiCaprio directly expressed his love for "Euphoria" to Elordi either.

DiCaprio has been a fan of Euphoria for quite some time


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During the premiere of his July 2019 film, "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood," Leonardo DiCaprio revealed the television shows he enjoys to Variety, and, of course, the hit HBO series was mentioned. "I just saw 'Euphoria,' which is amazing. That show is amazing," DiCaprio told reporters. A few years later, in May 2022, following the Met Gala, Leonardo DiCaprio bumped into Jacob Elordi during an after-party. During the momentary encounter, which was captured by TikTok user @deannamarienyc, Elordi seemed to introduce himself. DiCaprio can be heard telling him, "The show is amazing."

Such a compliment coming from DiCaprio is a big deal and a testament to the cultural impact of "Euphoria" as well as Elordi's acting journey.  Due to the writer's strike in 2023, season three of "Euphoria" is not expected until 2025. Elordi is hopeful that he'll return as Nate Jacobs for season three, something DiCaprio will likely look forward to.