Inside William And Kate's Friendship With The Swedish Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton have proven themselves to be quite a popular pair over the years. The Prince and Princess of Wales are without a doubt one of the most widely loved royal couples because of their charm, grace, and overall likability. The couple has attracted many lasting friendships, including many friends who also travel in the circles of the famous and elite. Among their friends are David and Victoria Beckham, Mike and Zara Tindall, and the royal couple is even friends with actor Tom Cruise. However, there's one friendship in particular that is shaping up to be perhaps the most significant friendship the British royal couple has, with the potential to be one for the history books.

William and Kate appear to have a very good friendship with Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel. As the eldest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Victoria is next in line to the throne of Sweden. With both sets of royals posed to inherit the throne of their respective countries, this special friendship is bound to become even more historically significant in the future, as their relationship could forge a strong bond between their countries.

They became friends during a scenic tour of the country

The friendship between Prince William and Kate Middleton and Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden truly blossomed during one very important country tour. In early 2018, the Prince and Princess of Wales traveled out of London and went on an official tour of Sweden and Norway. While they were in Sweden, the popular married pair spent a great deal of time hanging out with the Swedish royal family members, including Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. The royal couples took time to chat and sip tea at Haga Palace, the luxurious residence where the Swedish crown princess and prince live. During their visit to the palace, William and Kate were able to meet their Swedish counterparts' two young children, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. The couples most likely swapped some royal parenting tips, as William and Kate's three children — George, Charlotte, and Louis — are all close in age to Estelle and Oscar.

The royals were also spotted visiting the esteemed Nobel Prize Museum and attended various meetings side by side throughout the official visit. Their time in Sweden must have gone well because it wouldn't be the last time the princes and princesses would be seen out and about together.

These royals enjoy going out together (and staying in)

Some of the most fun you can have with your married friends is to grab your partner and get together for a double date night. And just because Prince William and Kate Middleton are royals, it doesn't mean they avoid double date nights with their friends — it just means their date nights might be a little more extravagant than your typical night out to the bar.

In November of 2023, William and Kate stepped out in London with their royal Swedish besties Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel. The all-star ensemble went to see a concert by world-famous singer Cher. The iconic musician's concert was the latest in the lineup of concerts performed as part of the Royal Variety Performance, an annual show put on at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Days before their exciting night out, Kate invited Sweden's princess and prince to Windsor Castle, the official residence of William and Kate, to catch up with one another. Princess Victoria told Swedish news outlet Aftonbladet that their visit with the Prince and Princess of Wales was nothing short of a good time. "They are nice people who do a lot for their country," Princess Victoria stated. "We exchange thoughts and ideas and share many interests." We hope to see more of these fan-favorite royals hanging out together soon.