Eric Trump's Beef With MSNBC News Host Rachel Maddow, Explained

The feud between Eric Trump and Rachel Maddow was one of the more confusing Trump family battles we've witnessed. It began when the MSNBC news host pointed out the March 9, 2023, episode of "The Rachel Maddow Show" that Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Trump, would be sharing the 2023 Reawaken Conference stage at Trump National Doral with co-speakers Charlie Ward and Scott McKay, who are well-known for their controversial anti-Semitic rhetoric.

For some reason, Maddow's observation infuriated Eric Trump, who threatened legal action via a May 10 tweet: "@maddow is walking a fine line. We are the most pro-Israel family in American political history — from the Abraham Accords, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights to sanctioning Iran, no one has done more for Israel than our family." Eric also pointed out that his sister and her family were Jewish, adding that he wouldn't hesitate to sue anyone who "even remotely suggests" that he is anti-Semitic.

However, Eric's zealousness didn't check out, especially considering that he had agreed to host Charlie Ward, who publicly praised Adolf Hitler and blamed Jews for making viruses (per Molly Jong-Fast via X, formerly Twitter). Scott McKay also praised Hitler for fighting the same enemies of Republicans and called Judaism a cover for nefarious acts.

Alan Dershowitz got Eric Trump to see Rachel Maddow's point

Eric Trump's threats to Rachel Maddow spread like wildfire. Less than 24 hours after Eric posted his tweet, former Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz hosted a livestream on Rumble. He shared that he'd had a conversation with Eric in which he explained Maddow's point. He also relayed a part of their conversation about Scott McKay, saying, "A guy with views like this should not be anywhere near your father's hotel, anywhere near — anything having to do with the Republicans or the Trump family or anybody who's running for president. He is a Nazi."

Dershowitz claimed that Eric promised to take his advice "under consideration." The lawyer further shared that Eric reached out to him the next morning via a text message, relaying that he would take the advice and have the speakers taken off the event. Eric's message also included a promise that they would not be allowed on Trump family property. However, Eric did not apologize to Maddow.

Rachel Maddow has feuded with other Trump family members

Rachel Maddow's beef with Eric Trump was only the latest in her history of run-ins with the Trump family. She has a history of exchanging jabs with Donald Trump, as well. In 2017, The New Yorker branded her "Trump's TV nemesis," and she's continued to live up to that title. She attacked Trump in 2017 for his shady tax filing, and although this garnered backlash, she continued her attacks, comparing him to former President Richard Nixon in the most unflattering light in 2018.

However, as expected, Trump often struck back. In a June 6, 2019 post, he wrote: "The good news is that @maddow is dying in the ratings, along with @CNN!" However, this didn't stop her from coming after Trump for his "inhumane" immigration policies two months later (via MSNBC). The television host also came after Melania Trump for wearing the "I don't care, do you?" shirt when visiting children at the border. In 2021, she blamed Donald for his role in the Capitol riot and branded him the "worst president In American history." A year later, Rachel Maddow also gave a snarky response to Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet about her hiatus. She has also been a strong voice against Trump's reelection campaign in 2024.