Sofia Vergara's Most Candid Comments About Her Iconic Good Looks

In the show "Griselda," Sofía Vergara plays a real-life figure from the drug trafficking named Griselda Blanco. While being interviewed by El País about the role, Vergara was open about how her good looks gave her a leg up — but she's still working in the industry because of much more than that. When the interviewer asked if the comments her character received from men in the show about how her physical attributes are "the key to her success" was something Vergara had heard in her own life, she said it was. "It would be absurd to deny it or for that to make me feel bad," Vergara said.

The "Modern Family" actor continued, "My giant boobs and my body opened doors for me; they were my passport to the world when I was 20 years old, when I started as a model, but today I'm 51 years old and I'm still here."

Vergara cited her hardworking nature and fearlessness as the reason behind her longevity. Regarding criticism of her appearance or her acting abilities, Vergara added, "I can take it." 

Vergara loves wearing makeup

In a 2016 interview with Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Sofía Vergara was vocal once more about how her looks have benefited her career. She told the outlet, "But of course, if I was just a pretty face, I wouldn't have lasted so long." Vergara wasn't bothered by people who condemned her for flaunting her looks and even said, "I am who I am. What, am I going to put a paper bag over my head? I look how I look, I would be ungrateful to complain about what God has given me. I have taken advantage of it, I have had a great life."

Vergara is beautiful makeup-free, but loves to go full-glam too. Vergara founded the beauty brand Toty to sell products that protect skin against the sun, and in an interview with People about the company, she also talked about how she enjoys wearing makeup. 

"I wish I could tell you, 'Oh I like it when I just wake up, and my hair is this,'" Vergara said. "No! I like it when I've done an hour and a half of hair and makeup. More is more!" Vergara's natural beauty shone through in an on-set selfie from the days of shooting "Griselda," but it took a lot for Vergara to change into that character.

Vergara made it clear that her 'Griselda' makeover wasn't anything like her real look

Sofía Vergara has had a stunning transformation — and she underwent another reinvention to play Griselda Blanco. In an E! News exclusive, Vergara and the "Griselda" crew explained how it took hours to turn the actor into the drug lord via prosthetic makeup, wigs, and fake teeth.

"I needed to disappear," Vergara said in the video. By the end of the makeup process, she was transformed. Executive producer and co-showrunner of "Griselda," Doug Miro, mentioned a similarity between the actor and character: "People were attracted to how [Blanco] carried herself, and that's a huge connecting point between her and Sofía."

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Vergara made it clear that her look on "Griselda" was nothing like her iconic real-life aesthetic. Vergara was shocked when Clarkson thought only her nose had been changed for the part. Vergara disagreed when Clarkson said the change "looked slight" and said, "No, Kelly, it was hours!" After she vehemently described how much of her face was changed to step into the role, Clarkson explained, "They did such a good job, that it looked seamless." Vergara was pleased that Clarkson didn't realize how much work went into it, "Because that means it looks natural."