Who Was General Hospital Star James Patrick Stuart's Famous Father, Chad Stuart?

Chances are if you grew up anywhere around the '60s, your first introduction to the pop duo Chad & Jeremy was when they guest starred on the 1966 episode "The Bat's Kow Tow" of the "Batman" television series in which villain Catwoman steals their voices. Not so for "General Hospital" star James Patrick Stuart, known for playing Valentin Cassadine, because he was the son of one half of that duo.

The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree as Stuart has musical talent much like his dad. His "GH" character Valentin Cassadine, while once considered one of the most dangerous and feared of all the Cassadines, has mellowed over the years — so much so that Valentin has performed at the annual Nurses Ball on "General Hospital" on several occasions, sometimes singing his original tunes. Stuart even released two albums, "The Apple Tree" and "Clean Slate." 

His acclaimed father, Chad Stuart, was born in December 1941 and grew up in Windermere, England, under his birth name David Stuart Chadwick. As his musical talent became evident, he eventually received a scholarship to London's Central School of Speech and Drama in London. There, he and Michael Thomas Jeremy Clyde became friends and they formed a band. "When I met Chad, I could play six chords," Jeremy stated on their website. "And gradually, he got me playing 12, then 18, then 24." Their band was called The Jerks, and they had a lead singer named Stephen Holder. It was just the start of their musical journey.

The duo of Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde found success in America

By 1962, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde had graduated from school, although Clyde was a year ahead and had gone off to Scotland seeking a theater career, thereby dissolving the band. Eventually, he returned and couldn't find acting work because of a strike, so he and Stuart reconnected and became a singing duo. Fortune would smile on them when they were able to get the attention of John Barry, a famous composer who had scored several James Bond films. "Jeremy's mother knew a literary agent who [knew] a manager — Tony Lewis — who dragged John Barry into Tina's [club] one night," Chad explained on the duo's website.

Barry, who was also a record producer, signed them on a tiny label called Ember Records in 1963. Despite being a small label with very little exposure, their Barry-produced song "Yesterday's Gone" climbed the British charts. However, Ember couldn't keep up with the major labels so Barry departed. Record producer Shel Talmy stepped in and produced their first album, "Chad & Jeremy Sing For You."

In 1964 as the British Invasion was burgeoning, the American record company World Artists signed Chad & Jeremy, and their song "Yesterday's Gone" found its way into the U.S. top 20. Subsequently, when the single "A Summer Song" was released stateside, it would become their biggest hit.

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde overcame difficulties

Despite their fan-pleasing folk-pop sound, reminiscent of Don and Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers, Chad & Jeremy ran into some difficulties and conflicts. Jeremy really wanted to act instead of sing, but their star power was climbing fast, so Chad talked him into signing with Columbia Records. They released a second album which had the same title as their first in the UK, "Chad & Jeremy Sing For You," with different songs, and its release in England was titled, "Chad & Jeremy's Second Album." However, tensions got so tough between them that they eventually took a break.

In 1965 and 1966, each embarked on solo careers, and later reunited every so often, with Jeremy pursuing his acting career that was taking off. Their songs would never achieve the hit status of previous ones, and they finally split up. However, by 1982 they hooked up with producer Rocky Davis. "I think Jeremy was missing the musical part of his life," Chad explained on their website. They produced an LP called "Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde," and although not a major success, they continued to tour together thereafter.

Sadly, Stuart died of pneumonia in December 2020 at age 79. On December 10, 2022, James Patrick Stuart posted a photo of himself and his father on Instagram with the loving caption, "My father, Chad, would have been 81 today. Gone in physical form but his memory continues to teach me and helps me navigate life. I will always rely on his influence."