Inside Emma Watson's Sibling Bond With Her Brother Alex

Cinema darling Emma Watson is either your celebrity crush, a style inspiration, or your favorite actress to see on-screen (for many fans, it's probably all the above.) She became a silver screen icon when she landed the role of a lifetime playing Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" movie franchise. Playing the sharp-tongued Muggle-born witch cemented Watson's place in Hollywood history, and she's only become more popular as time goes by.

While it's hard to imagine mega-celebrities like Watson having normal family lives behind the scenes, it's true. Watson is just like the rest of us and loves spending time with her family. She's particularly close to her younger brother, Alex Watson. Alex is a former model and actor who, like his sister, is more than comfortable being in front of the camera. For all you Potterheads out there, here's a fun piece of trivia for you: Alex is credited as playing a Gryffindor student in the third film in the series, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Given how strikingly similar he looks to his sister, it won't be hard for you to spot him.

With only two years between them in age, Emma and Alex are as thick as thieves. Their shared sense of humor and interest in the same hobbies make the Watson siblings' bond one of the sweetest celebrity sibling bonds we've come across. 

They work together (and have fun doing so)

Emma Watson and her brother Alex Watson are living proof that siblings really can work great together. Emma and Alex enjoy spending time hanging out and have even worked professionally together. One of the Watson duo's most impressive feats is that they started their own company together. The creative siblings are the cofounders of an environment-friendly gin company called Renais. The company name is French for "rebirth," fitting since the company is meant to be sustainable. Renais prides itself on using organic ingredients, including fresh grapes straight from the Watson family's vineyard.

Emma and Alex are also in the business of modeling together. The two worked on the same Burberry campaign when they were both teenagers. The fashion shoot was helmed by photographer Mario Testino and British designer Christopher Bailey, both of whom Emma has worked with previously. Emma enjoyed working with her younger brother during the shoot and couldn't get enough of seeing him have fun while they were on set. "They also shot my brother in the campaign," the "Little Women" star said in an interview with the Daily Mail. "He's having such a great time. He's so psyched."

Emma Watson loves her brother's humor

No one can make you laugh quite like your sibling. Emma Watson can attest to that. The "Beauty and the Beast" actress finds her little brother hilarious, as several social media posts have shown fans. For Emma's 33rd birthday, Alex Watson penned a touching Instagram post to help her celebrate the big day. The former model listed all the pros and "cons" of having the superstar as his big sister. In the list of pros, Alex shared that Emma, whom he lovingly calls Ems, is a big fan of his self-proclaimed corny jokes. "Always laughs a lot harder at my jokes than your average person," Alex wrote. "Fantastic for the ego."

In a similar vein, Emma has expressed that she really does love her brother's sense of humor and that it is a shared trait. In an Instagram post for her 33rd birthday, Emma took a moment to contemplate her future and thank all the people who played a special role in her life that year. One of those people was her brother, whom she thanked for his ability to bring light into her life by inducing some much-needed laughter. The Harry Potter alum wrote: "Thank you to my brother @alex.s.watson for helping me find the most challenging things, with time, incredibly funny."