HGTV Fans Can't Get Over Ben Napier's Resemblance To Jason Kelce

"Home Town" fans may have noticed that their favorite woodworker lost some significant weight. In March 2023, Erin Napier detailed on her Instagram how Ben was dedicated to spending time in the gym to better his health and prepare for his shoulder surgery. She updated fans with what some might have called a thirst trap in July 2023 showing Ben looking handsome and lean in suit pants and a button-up.

Now, followers of the adorable "Home Town" couple can't help but note that Ben shares a resemblance to Philadelphia Eagles football player Jason Kelce. In a side-by-side comparison, the two definitely have some similarities. They have a comparable six-foot-plus build, especially now that Ben has slimmed down a bit, along with a full beard and brown hair. When Erin posted a shirtless photo of her man after a gym session, it had quite a few fans doing a double take.

The home renovation expert acknowledged the resemblance in an Instagram Story. "The Kelce brothers are sort of everywhere in our face lately and one of them gives me and apparently some of y'all Ben Napier vibes," she wrote, according to People. However, Ben doesn't have to be shirtless to fool fans. Comments on Erin's photo of one of her daughters dressing Ben up in a headband read, "Oops ... I thought that was Jason Kelce at first!" To which Erin replied, "They do have some similarities."

The resemblance goes beyond physical

Both "Home Town" lovers and Jason Kelce supporters know that their favorite guys are more than just handsome faces, and Erin Napier confessed as much in her Instagram story. After admitting to seeing the resemblance between Ben Napier and Kelce, she wrote, "I think their mama did something right," referring to Donna Kelce. Other posters were quick to note in the comments of her girl dad post that both Ben and Kelce "have a heart of gold," and clearly seem to care deeply about their daughters.

Ben is the father to two little girls, Helen and Mae, who are sometimes featured on the couple's HGTV show. They also make regular appearances on Instagram, like when they gave Ben all of their stuffed animals after his shoulder surgery or had a picnic with him at their new country house. The Scotsman Co. founder is a doting dad who would do anything for his girls.

Similarly, Jason is a proud dad of three little girls: Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett. When his shirtless picture went viral, the same some compared to Ben's gym selfie, but his middle daughter was quite alarmed, reportedly yelling, "'Dads boobs are showing!'" Jason took it all in stride, though, previously telling People that the role of girl dad brings him nothing but pure joy. Like his doppelganger, Ben, Jason adores spending time with the most precious women in his life.

It's not just their daughters they're sweet on

Ben and Erin Napier are one of the sweetest HGTV couples. The flirty duo has shared some ultra-cute moments, like when Ben surprised his wife with a night out for her birthday, free of mom guilt thanks to the grandmas. Or, his Mother's Day gift of a hand-painted portrait of himself, rendered from her favorite photo of Ben. It seems like there is nothing that could come between these two sweethearts who don't like spending even a minute apart.

Jason Kelce is equally affectionate toward his wife, Kylie Kelce. Although she claims he isn't super romantic, it's obvious that he is pretty smitten with his spouse, and she is with him. She has shown up to support him at his football games, even when she was super close to going into labor. He's invited her to speak on his podcast, "New Heights," where she further highlighted that he wasn't overly into romance, as illustrated by a hilarious retelling of his proposal.

Despite their differences in how outwardly affectionate they are to their wives, at least as per social media, Ben and Jason appear to be committed husbands and dads who want nothing but the best for their wives and daughters.