Meet Marie Osmond's 8 Kids

Trigger warning: The following article includes discussions about bullying and suicide.

Marie Osmond is arguably one of the most ubiquitous celebrities in modern history. She rose to fame as a childhood star and became one of the youngest female artists to break through the country music scene at age 12. On top of her successful singing career that is still going on, Osmond is also famous for her media appearances, philanthropic efforts, and spokesperson deals.

However, Osmond's career isn't the only thing that has kept her busy over the last few decades. Not only does Osmond come from a big family, where she was the only girl and one of nine children, but she also had eight children of her own. She also has nine grandchildren. "Some of my kids are adopted, and I can't remember which ones, but some of them are more like me than my biological, and I'm like, 'I know why God sent you to me!'" Osmond told People in 2019. Also, while most of her children keep a low profile, Osmond can't help but be proud of her large family, as she regularly posts about them on social media. "I am the happiest I have ever been!" Osmond told Closer Weekly in 2016. "I've gotten to experience things with them that I never did. I didn't really have a childhood — my life has not been normal."

Stephen James Craig, Jr.

Stephen James Craig, Jr., is Marie Osmond's eldest child and her oldest biological child. He is also the only child Osmond had with Stephen Craig. Stephen James was born on April 20, 1983, less than a year after Osmond and Steve Craig first married in June 1982. While Stephen James keeps a relatively low profile on social media, he did have a short singing and acting career like his mother. In fact, he's even sung with Osmond from time to time. Stephen James' acting roles primarily consisted of made-for-TV movies. Interestingly, Osmond's eldest son also went by his stepfather's last name, Blosil, and used this name in his acting credits.

Osmond initially separated from Steve in 1984 when Stephen James was a toddler. After being unable to reconcile their marriage, Osmond and Steve divorced in 1985. "All of a sudden, I'm a single mom, and I don't know how I'm going to pay my rent, let alone feed my kid," Osmond recalled to People in a 2019 interview. "So I decided I had to get back to work." However, Osmond and Steve rekindled their relationship years later after Osmond was married and divorced a second time. The couple remarried in 2011. Today, Stephen James is married to his wife, Claire. They also have four children together.

Jessica Marie Blosil

Jessica Marie Blosil is Marie Osmond's second child. She is also Osmond's first adopted child with her then-husband, Brian Blosil. In fact, Jessica is one of the five children Osmond and Brian adopted during their marriage, which lasted from 1986 to 2007.

Jessica was born on December 17, 1987, and was adopted when she was about two years old. While she also isn't as active in the spotlight as Stephen Craig, Jr., unlike her older brother and mother, her career didn't involve singing and acting. In fact, Jessica has worked in law enforcement and then in counseling in Utah. Outside of her career, Jessica married her long-time girlfriend, Sara, in June 2019. "Congratulations to my darling daughter Jessica and her new wife Sara!" her mother, Osmond, wrote on her Instagram page at the time. "I'm so glad I got to fly in for the day to be apart [sic] of such a happy occasion! I could not love the two of you more! Welcome to our family!" Later, in October 2019, Osmond told Closer Weekly how happy Jessica seemed in her career and marriage. "I just talked to her; she works full-time — she's a counselor, and she helps people get off drugs and do all those things, and she's loving that ... I'm happy that she has someone in her life with her, you know? It makes me happy."

Rachael Krueger

Rachael Krueger (formerly Blosil) is Marie Osmond's second biological child and the first biological child she had with her then-husband Brian Blosil. Rachael was born on August 19, 1989, and has since grown up to emulate her mother, often in the spotlight, unlike most of her siblings. Osmond previously told Closer Weekly, "My daughter Rachael and I are very similar in a lot of ways. She has that same personality that I have where she wants to know and do everything."

In addition to her roles as a hair and costume designer, Rachael is also a wife and mother. She married Gabriel Kreuger in 2013. The ceremony occurred on Christmas Day that year when the couple exchanged vows in a Utah cabin. Interestingly, it was a short engagement, as Gabriel had proposed to Rachael just 10 days prior in Santa Monica. Since then, Rachael and Gabriel have had two children. Their first was daughter Rocket Jade, born in 2015 when Rachael was 26 years old.

Michael Brian Blosil

Michael Brian Blosil was the second child adopted by Marie Osmond and her then-husband Brian Blosil. "[He] was probably the easiest child of all my kids," Osmond told Oprah. "He was so fun. And cute. And darling." Born in May 1991, Michael experienced struggles throughout his short life. Sadly, Michael died by suicide in February 2010 when he was only 18 years old. At the time, Michael wrote a note describing severe depression and loneliness before his death. Perhaps even more tragically, Osmond later described to Oprah that she missed a call from Michael the night he died while she was performing in Las Vegas. "I was just running out as my phone rang, and I couldn't get to it," she said.

Any death is difficult to go through, but especially when it's your own child and at such a young age. Since his 2010 death, she and other members of the family have gone on to speak out about depression, bullying, and suicide. Osmond has also described her own personal struggles with postpartum depression.

When Osmond and Stephen Craig remarried in 2011, they chose May 4, Michael's birthday, for their ceremony. "It doesn't get easier," Osmond told Oprah in 2010. "God gives you little respites."

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Brandon Warren Blosil

Brandon Warren Blosil is Marie Osmond and Brian Blosil's third adopted child together. Born on November 24, 1996, Brandon is also Osmond's third son. Brandon keeps a surprisingly low profile, including on social media. However, we know that Branon picked up on his mother's love for music, albeit in a different genre. In fact, he's a rock musician and played with the band Navarre. According to the band's official Instagram account, Navarre is a metalcore band based in Las Vegas, and their most recent single was released in 2022.

While Brandon isn't active on social media discussing his personal life, his mother does occasionally give birthday shout-outs to her son on her Instagram page. In one post dating back to November 2020, Osmond posted a rare picture of Brandon and even declared, "There is not a kinder soul on this planet."

Brianna Patricia Blosil Schwep

Brianna Patricia Blosil Schwep is the fourth child Marie Osmond adopted with her then-husband, Brian Blosil. Born in 1997, Brianna grew up to work in her mother's world, but not as a musician. Instead, she found passion in makeup artistry, even helping Osmond with some of her performance looks. Brianna was even integral in helping "The Talk" take home an Emmy for Best Makeup in 2020 when Osmond was a co-host on the show. Between Brianna's talents in makeup and her older sister, Rachael Krueger's knack for hairstyling, it seems that Osmond will always have good beauty advice!

Aside from her professional life, Brianna has also been busy in her personal life. She's married to cinematographer Dave Schwep, and they had their first child, a baby girl named Maude Bailey-Moon Schwep, in May 2019. Unfortunately, Maude spent some time in the neonatal intensive care unit after her birth, but she appears happy and healthy in her parents' social media pics. Their second daughter, Mabel Amarantha-Rayne Schwep, was born in August 2020.

Matthew Richard Blosil

Matthew Richard Blosil is Marie Osmond's third biological child, born in July 1999. He is also Osmond's second biological child with ex-husband Brian Blosil. While all of Osmond and her children were raised within the Latter-Day Saints Church, Matthew is the only one who pursued religion at a higher level. In fact, shortly after graduating high school in 2018, Matthew embarked on a two-year mission trip in Michigan.

However, after a touching New Year's Day reunion with his mom at the airport in 2020, Matthew was on the go again. This time, he was on his way to college. Osmond wrote a letter on Facebook to Matthew, saying, "I have to admit, it was not the easiest thing taking you right off to college after being gone for two years ... I respect so much that you want to continue to build on the momentum from your mission. Your enthusiasm makes me want to be a better person. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!" It will also be interesting to see whether Matthew will participate in any future long-term mission trips or if he will pursue another direction in his career.

Abigail Michelle Blosil

Abigail Michelle Blosil is Marie Osmond's eighth child and also the fifth child Osmond adopted with Brian Blosil. Born in September 2002, Abigail was a young child when her parents divorced in 2007. However, after Osmond remarried her ex-husband, Stephen Craig, it seems that Abigail and her siblings also forged a close relationship with their stepfather. Osmond herself previously told Closer Weekly, "I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children." In fact, with Abigail being the youngest child, Osmond posted many pictures with her on Instagram while she was still in high school, with Craig also featured in several of them.

Still, Abigail seems to keep a low profile like most of her siblings, and she isn't active on social media. However, we do know, based on Osmond's social media, that Abigail is interested in singing like her mother. In 2019, Osmond shared some of the then-teenager's wisdom about listening to music on Instagram, writing, "She told me how she deleted a few songs from her library because, at the ripe old age of 16, she realized that as much as she liked the music, some of the lyrics weren't things she wanted imprinted on her mind. She said even though she wasn't really listening to the words, she knew her subconscious mind was. Again... pretty dang smart!"