Baby Names That Are Dying Out In 2024

We all know that baby names go in and out of fashion as each generation embraces new trends and is inspired by new cultural influences. And in 2024, as new parents select their baby names, certain names seem to be going out of style. According to baby naming website BabyCenter, which tracks baby name popularity each year as parents register their chosen names, there are a number of names that are rapidly declining in popularity. 

In its survey of the names that fell the most over 2023, BabyCenter found a common theme: it seems that Millennial names that were hip in the late '80s and '90s are no longer quite so appealing to parents — think Brooke, Amanda, Angela, and Blake for girls and Aidan, Bradley, and Reid for boys. It seems the Millennial heyday is well and truly over. Instead, names like Olivia, Isabella, Noah, and Liam are are all the rage.

Whether you're on the hunt for an ultra unique baby name this year, or you simply want to know which less popular names to avoid, here are the baby names at risk of going extinct in 2024.


Back in the day, Brookes seemed to be absolutely everywhere. The name, meaning "stream," peaked in popularity in the U.S. in the late '90s — probably coinciding with the height of Brooke Shields' fame — before it began to fizzle. And the fizzle hasn't stopped. From 2023 to 2024, it plummeted down a whopping 883 spots and is now the 1,357th most popular name.  


The name Julius will probably make you immediately think of Julius Caesar, as in the legendary Roman emperor. While the name was certainly common in Ancient Rome, it also experienced a boom in the late 1800s and early 1900s in the U.S. Although the name slowly began to pick up in the early 2000s, its popularity dropped dramatically in 2023.


Blake is another name that simply screams Millennial — especially when used for a girl. There are even a few famous Millennial Blakes, most notably, Blake Lively. The name, which means "pale," had a bit of a moment in the '80s and '90s, before dipping then rising again rapidly in the 2010s. However, it appears to be quickly declining again and has dropped 264 spots since 2023 alone. It's now the 595th most popular name.


Few names have more of an early 2000s ring than Jaiden. As BabyCenter noted in their study, boy names ending with -aden sounds are all going out of fashion. The name reached its height in 2010 in the U.S., possibly thanks to Will Smith's son Jaden Smith, who was born in 1998. Nowadays, the name is less on trend than it once was.


Mckenzie, an Irish name meaning "Son of Coinneach," was very in throughout the '90s and early 2000s. However, since 2023, it seems to have quickly gone out of favor, losing 436 points since 2023. According to one baby name fan on Reddit, the name may have come into popularity thanks to "One Day at a Time" actor Mackenzie Phillips.


Raiden, another -aden name, slowly climbed the charts throughout the early 2000s. The name could very well have the video game world to thank: a character in the "Metal Gear" game series was named Raiden and there was also a Raiden in the "Mortal Kombat" series. However, from 2022 to 2023, the name suddenly dipped. It's now the 377th most popular name.


There was a time when names inspired by travel and geography were very "in" — you know, names like London, Paris, Montana, India, and, of course, Brooklynn. After becoming an increasingly common name in the late '90s, Brooklynn peaked as a girl name in 2011. However, it's steadily going down and is now the 91st most popular name. The name's brief popularity may have come as a result of the rise of Brooklyn Decker, an actor and model who starred in "Ugly Betty," "Battleship," and "Just Go with It." And, of course, there's also Brooklyn Beckham, son of power couple David and Victoria Beckham.


Reid, a Scottish name meaning "red," was fairly unpopular until the '80s. It became more and more common until it peaked in 2014. Since then, however, it has since dipped down again, losing 290 points in 2023. It's now the 751st most common name. Famous Reids include Reid Scott, who played Dan in "Veep," and Reid Ewing, who played Dylan on "Modern Family."


While we all know and love Charli XCX, it seems that very few parents are naming their daughters after her these days. Although the name had been rising in popularity since the early 2000s, it reached its peak in 2021 and then practically disappeared. Ironically, this came at the same time as TikTok star Charli D'Amelio's rise on social media. It went down by 441 points in 2023 and is now the 857th most popular name.


We all knew a Brady in school, right? Well, it seems future generations might never meet a Brady as the name is barreling toward extinction, in spite of famous sporting personalities like Brady Quinn, Tom Brady, and Brady Anderson. Brady, an English name that means "broad island," was one of those Millennial names that quickly rose and fell in the '90s and early 2000s. Now, it's the 701st most popular name. 


The name Raegan is perhaps best-known for its appearance in William Shakespeare's "King Lear." It found new life in the '90s and 2000s, and there are now a handful of young actors who have the name; Raegan Revord of "Young Sheldon" and  Raegan Millican from "The Sinner" are in the early years of their careers. There was also a Reagan in "New Girl," played by Megan Fox. The name continued to be popular until 2019. In the past few years, however, it has become far less in style and is now the 820th most popular name for newborns.


Raphael is a Hebrew name meaning "God Has Healed." Although the name became extremely common in the 2010s, it peaked in 2022 before plummeting. It fell 252 points from 2023 and is now the 701st name. There are a number of well known Raphaels, including tennis champion Raphael Nadal, soccer player Rafael van der Vaart, and actor Raphael Sbarge who appeared on "Once Upon a Time" as Dr. Archie Hopper. Of course, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also named Raphael.


Although there are a number of well-known Gen Z stars named Mckenna — think actor Mckenna Grace, YouTube star Mckenna Walker, or gymnast Mckenna Kelley — parents don't seem to be gravitating toward the name right now. The name suddenly became popular for Millennial babies born in the early 2000s, before beginning to taper off throughout the 2010s. According to BabyCenter, the name has only continued to peter out and is now the 506th most popular name. 


Ronan is a Celtic name meaning "a pledge." Although you may associate it with a surname — see Oscar-winner Saoirse Ronan, for example — it is also used as a boy's first name. Famous Ronans include Ronan Rafferty, who starred in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," Ronan Vibert, who appeared in "Saving Mr. Banks," and Ronan Keating, the Irish pop star. As BabyCenter noted, the name lost 104 spots in 2023 alone.


Finley certainly is a cute name, but it has struggled to stay popular over the past decade. Don't expect to meet a bunch of newborns named Finley in 2024. Between 2022 and 2023, it dropped 144 spots on BabyCenter's list of girl names. Some well-known Finleys include the daughter of Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn, as well as the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley.


Once upon a time, Bradley was a very, very common name. There've been a number of famous Bradleys over the years, such as Bradley Cooper, Bradley Whitford, and Bradley Paisley. However, after reaching a popularity peak in 1980, Bradley has fallen out of favor and is now heading towards potential extinction. It's reportedly the 404th most popular name in 2024.


Amanda, a Latin name meaning "worthy of love," is yet another name that seemed to be everywhere for Millennials, having dramatically peaked in 1987. Look no further than Millennial and Gen X celebs: Amanda Bynes, Amanda Seyfried, Amanda Peet, Amanda Holden, Amanda Beard — the list goes on. However, as new parents turn away from Millennial names, Amanda has begun to fade, dropping 131 spots in the name charts.


Clayton is an English name that literally means "clay town." Although the name experienced some popularity in the early 1900s, it really exploded in the '90s and early 2000s for Millennial babies. We all remember the "American Idol" star Clay Aiken, who was popular at the time. Ever since the year 2000, the name has been dwindling. It plummeted in 2023, dropping 388 points. It's now the 751st most popular name for boys.


Michelle is a name that many Millennials may struggle to imagine ever going extinct. After all, at its pinnacle in 1968, it was the second most popular girl's name. In other words, Millennials grew up surrounded by moms named Michelle. Famous Michelles include Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Branch, Michelle Kwan, Michelle Williams, and Michelle Trachtenberg — yes, there are a lot of them! However, it seems that Michelle is going out of style, dropping down 129 spots in popularity in 2024.


In the early 2000s, a number of parents named their kids Hendrix, presumably after rock 'n' roll superstar Jimi Hendrix. However, in 2023, the name, which means "estate ruler," dropped 99 spots. There aren't many famous people named Hendrix, aside from Hendrix Yancey, who played Thirteen in "Stranger Things."


In the early 2000s, the name Adelynn had a moment. However, after 2014, it lost serious steam. Now, as of 2024, BabyCenter suspects the name could drop off into extinction. The name is a twist on the German name Adelyn, which means "noble." You may recognize the name from child actor Adelynn Spoon, who starred in "Watchmen," "Tell Me Your Secrets," and "Sweet Magnolias."


Thinking of naming your son after a classic Ivy League? Be warned: the name Princeton isn't as in vogue as it once was, having dropped 98 spots. Although the name experienced a surge of popularity beginning in the 2010s, it seems to have peaked in 2018 and is now rapidly vanishing. There are a few well-known Princetons, including football star Princeton Fant, figure skater Princeton Kwong, and diplomat Princeton Lyman.


Ariah, very similar to the name Aria, is a name that first became common in the early 2000s. Its popularity grew exponentially after around 2012 until around 2016. However, in 2023, it dropped 374 spots and is now the 782nd most popular name. Why the sudden surge and fall of the name Ariah? Well, we're willing to bet it has something to do with the hit show "Pretty Little Liars," which ran from 2010 until 2017 and starred Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery. There are also a few well-known Ariahs in the film industry, including "Supergirl" and "Nancy Drew" actor, Ariah Lee.


Bo is a short and sweet name with Scandinavian origins that means "householder." Although the name has been becoming increasingly common since the '80s and '90s, it suddenly dipped in 2021. It fell 185 spots in 2023. When you hear the name, you might think of musician and comedian Bo Burnham, movie star Bo Derek, or sports star Bo Jackson.


The name Gracelyn is a spin on the classic Latin name Grace. Throughout the early 2000s, more and more parents chose the name, however, it has fallen out of favor since 2020, becoming the 563rd most common name in 2024. There are only a couple of Gracelyns in the public eye, such as TikToker Gracelyn Durham and "Resident Alien" actor Gracelyn Awad Rinke.


Eden is a classic Biblical name derived from references to the Garden of Eden. In Hebrew, it translates to "delightful." Once again, this is a name that enjoyed popularity throughout the 2000s but hasn't exactly been on people's radars in recent years. It fell down a staggering 762 spots in 2023, becoming the 1,245th most popular boy's name in 2024. These days, it's a far more popular girl's name — in fact, it's the 9th most common name in 2024. 


Cali, originally an Indian name meaning "black," experienced a surge in popularity in the 2010s, peaking in 2014. However, it no longer seems to be a go-to on possible baby name lists; in 2023, it fell 378 spots and became the 820th most popular girl's name. The most famous Cali is probably Cali Sheldon, one of the twins who played baby Emma in "Friends" and later appeared in "Us."


Remember when Aidan was one third of TV's biggest-ever love triangle? We are, of course, talking about "Sex and the City." Well, it seems that the once popular name may be losing its lustre. The Celtic name, which means "fire," dropped 93 spots in 2023 to become the 420th most popular boy's name this year. In addition to Carrie's on-again, off-again boyfriend, other well-known Aidans include actor Aidan Quinn, "Poldark" actor Aidan Turner, and actor Aidan Quinn, who played Littlefinger in "Game of Thrones."


Diana may be a classic name that's been around for centuries, but according to BabyCenter, it's now at risk of going extinct. Derived from Latin and meaning "divine," Diana also happens to be the goddess of the hunt in Roman myth. The name reached its most popular year in 1946, when it was the 42nd most common girl's name. It had another wave in the '80s and then in the 2010s, however, it is steadily going out of favor. Nevertheless, there have been a number of well-known Dianas in popular culture, such as Diana Ross, Diana Rigg, Dianna Aragon, and Princess Diana. 


Orion is derived from Greek and means "son of fire" or "the hunter." You may know the Orion constellation, which is said to resemble the mythical Greek hunter of the same name. Although the name became more and more common throughout the early 2000s, since 2022, it's fallen off. It's now the 542th most common name for boys. 


Sawyer is most commonly considered a boy's name, but since around 2010, more parents have been choosing Sawyer for baby girls. However, the brief boost in female Sawyers appears to be coming to an end as the name fell 382 points from 2023 to 2024. There aren't maybe female Sawyers to draw inspiration from, but the name will likely be associated with journalist Diane Sawyer or with the fictional child adventurer Tom Sawyer.


The name Preston means "spiritual place." As a boy's name, it exploded in popularity in the early 2000s until 2007. Since then, fewer and fewer parents have chosen the name and it's now only 394th most popular. You may recognize the name thanks to people like Preston Bailey, a child actor who starred in "Secrets of Sulphur Springs," Preston Schaeffer, who found fame on TikTok, or Preston Bailey, who played Cody in the show "Dexter."


Alaya experienced a sudden burst of popularity as a girl's name between 2010 and 2020, however, it appears to be going out of fashion once again. In 2024, it's only the 434th most common name. The name derives from Sanskrit and means "dwelling." One well-known Alaya is Alaya High, an up-and-coming rapper who starred in the 2021 Nickelodeon sitcom "That Girl Lay Lay."


Maximus is a fairly old-fashioned name — it's most commonly associated with the famous Roman emperor and with Russell Crowe's character in the film "Gladiator." Maximus is also an upper-class character in George Eliot's "Felix Holt." The name means "the greatest." It experienced a boom in the 2010s, however, it's now the 522nd most popular boy's name.


Angela, meaning "heavenly messenger," was one of those names that was everywhere in the '80s and '90s — in fact, it peaked in 1975, when it was the fifth most common girl's name. Since then, fewer and fewer parents have chosen the name and it's now the 595th most common name. There are still a few famous Angelas, although they tend to be a little older — think Angela Bassett of "What's Love Got to Do With It" and "Black Panther," Angela Kinsey from "The Office," and Angela Lansbury, the late "Murder, She Wrote" icon.