Jenna Bush Hager's Stunning Makeup-Free Moments

It shouldn't come as a shock that one of the hosts of the "Today" show, Jenna Bush Hager, is often seen looking done up with makeup when on national TV. What's surprising, however, is the former first daughter's refreshing approach to beauty. That may have to do with the fact that Hager grew up in the spotlight when her father, George W. Bush, and grandfather, George H. W. Bush, served as U.S. presidents. Because of that, she apparently learned early that it's better to just be herself over trying to look or act perfect. "I try not to put too much pressure on myself for perfection, because I'm nothing close to that," Hager told People. "I find perfection to be wildly boring."

While Hager did admit that she used to compare herself to the people, like herself, who she saw on TV, she now makes it a point to emphasize the importance of inner beauty, especially to her daughters. Of course, that doesn't mean she doesn't want to get dolled up for TV and public appearances. One of her daughters, Mila Hager, apparently likes to see her mom in some glam. "[Mila] said, 'You're right mom ... You do look better in makeup,'" Hager joked on "Today" in 2022.

We have to disagree though, considering we have evidence that Hager looks just as good, if not better, when she goes totally natural. So let's break down Jenna Bush Hager's most stunning makeup-free moments.

Jenna Bush Hager went au naturel for a charity spin class

Our first moment of Jenna Bush Hager looking gorgeous without makeup is a bit of a throwback from a 2012 spin class. Hager was photographed with a minimal look as she took part in SoulCycle's Soul Relief Ride at their Tribeca studio in Manhattan, to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Despite it being a public event, Hager chose function and comfort for her look over glam, wearing activewear for her ride, as well as her hair in a ponytail. It makes sense that Hager would go clean-faced too, as anyone who has taken a spin class knows that you are bound to break a sweat.

Hager has apparently always been super into working out, and at the time, was particularly interested in SoulCycle. "I love exercise ... I sort of need it for my mind as much as my body," she admitted to People in 2023. "I did SoulCycle the day my daughter Mila was born." For reference, Mila was 9 years old when Hager gave that interview, so staying active has clearly been part of her life for a long time.

But just because Hager was photographed without cosmetics at a SoulCycle event doesn't mean that she never wears makeup to the gym. In fact, when asked about it on "Today" in 2022 she admitted, "Sometimes I do. I don't put it on to go there. But if I have it on, I do."

Jenna Bush Hager had a 'new mom' glow when Savannah Guthrie visited her post-birth

While wearing makeup to give birth became a trend in 2023, it seems that Jenna Bush Hager went makeup-free when she delivered her youngest child, Hal Hager, in 2019. She apparently kept that natural yet beautiful look post-birth too, when her friend and "Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie came to visit her and Hal in the hospital. 

Hager posted a photo on Instagram of the three of them, writing in the caption, "Look who came to visit!!!" Guthrie shared a similar photo on her own Instagram feed, where she called Hager "supermama" in her caption. We have to agree, because, despite her relaxed look, Hager wore jeans, which is pretty impressive for someone who just pushed out a baby. Guthrie visiting Hager in the hospital proved that the NBC costars really are close and that their friendship isn't just for the cameras. In 2023, Hager even revealed in an Instagram Live (via People) that Guthrie has a big role in Hal's life. "I've never said this before, but Savannah is Hal's godmother," Hager dished. "Savannah and I go to the same church ... Our faith is really important."

Hager and Guthrie not only have their faith in common, but a laid-back approach to makeup as well, at least when they aren't on TV. In 2018, Guthrie shared on a blog, (via Closer Weekly), "I spend most of the weekend without any makeup."

Both Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb went makeup-free for a baby visit

Jenna Bush Hager continued to rock her "new mom" glow sans makeup after her son, Hal Hager, was born in 2019 when her "Today" co-star and friend, Hoda Kotb, came to visit her and her new baby. Hager and Kotb posted selfies on Instagram together with their kids showing just how beautiful both women are even when they aren't glammed up for their show. Of course, it was hard not to be distracted by Kotb's adorable daughter Haley holding a newborn Hal. While Hager captioned her post, "Look who came to visit," Kotb simply wrote on her post, "Haley + Hal."

Following Savannah Guthrie, Kotb was apparently one of Hager's first visitors after she welcomed baby Hal. And like her relationship with Guthrie, Hager and Kotb's friendship seems to go beyond them just being co-workers. "Hoda, makes my life full," Hager gushed to Entertainment Tonight. "I am just so grateful that I have a partner in television that appreciates every single moment, and encourages me to do the same."

In terms of Hager's makeup-free moments specifically, there are obviously several where she looks undeniably stunning. But while Hager clearly is a beauty on the outside, with or without makeup on, she, more importantly, has proven that she has true inner beauty as well, from how she treats others.

Jenna Bush Hager and her twin went makeup-free in matching sweatsuits

One of Jenna Bush Hager's most beautiful makeup-free moments was on a day she spent with her twin sister, Barbara Pierce Bush. In 2019, Hager posted a photo on Instagram of the pair sitting on a floral sofa after what looked like some self-care time. Neither Bush sister appeared to have a speck of makeup on and wore their hair wrapped up around their heads in towels. They even donned matching comfy gray sweatsuits.

It's safe to say that Hager was being pretty vulnerable by sharing a photo that showed her barefaced and without her hair visible, especially on Instagram where celebrities are often heavily filtered. Yet her followers seemed to appreciate it, with many commenting on how lovely she and her sister looked. One even wrote, "Very gracious of both of you to wear the sweats and hair up in towels. I am very impressed. You both also look so beautiful naturally."

It seems that Hager and her twin have managed to maintain a close relationship over the years. Around that time, they released their second children's book together called "Sisters First." When talking about "sister time" on "Today" in 2018, Hager revealed that she and her twin enjoy relaxing together, which means these matching sweatsuit/makeup-free hangouts are probably a regular thing. "We lay in bed and talk ... The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was having her," Hager said.

Jenna Bush Hager didn't wear makeup when working with UNICEF

It makes sense that Jenna Bush Hager would go makeup-free when working with the humanitarian aid organization, UNICEF. That's because Hager spent time in remote places of the world, where children needed assistance. "I traveled around Latin America and the Caribbean documenting the lives of children, their mothers, and the UNICEF-supported programs that help them lead healthier, happier lives," Hager recalled to Veronica Beard.

In 2020, Hager shared a stunning throwback photo of herself and three children on Instagram from when she was in the field with UNICEF, in order to promote a virtual tour they were doing. In the photo, she unsurprisingly had a nude face, as she hugged some of the children she was working with. That wasn't the first time that Hager shared a photo from her time with UNICEF. In December 2019, she posted another fresh-faced throwback photo on Instagram of herself with more children. She captioned that one, "I have seen firsthand the work that @unicefusa does for children in the hardest-to-reach places."

It's obvious that looking glam for the photos wasn't a priority for Hager because she was there to bring aid and awareness to children in need. Hager later told the Clarion Ledger, "My proudest moments ... [have been] working for UNICEF in Latin America with others and children who taught me to never take one minute for granted. These are my points of light."

The Today host did feral girl summer first

Jenna Bush Hager is more inclined to go sans makeup when she's in warm weather. That's probably why another stunning one of her makeup-free moments happened in July of 2021. That's when Hager took to Instagram to post photos of her and her family "LOVING summer so very much," according to her caption. In one photo featured in the carousel, Hager is shown looking radiant without makeup, while she and her husband looked to be taking their three kids on a bike ride.

Hager kept her hair casual too, in loose, beach waves. As for the rest of her relaxed look, Hager paired a maxi skirt with a simple white tee. That wasn't the first time Hager posted a makeup-less photo of herself enjoying summer. In July 2018, for example, she shared an Instagram selfie from the pool with her kids. While she wasn't concerned about dolling up her face then, she admitted in the caption, "I didn't want to mess up hair. Hair Hack: tie Target bag around hair to protect and enjoy those babes."

For Hager, summer is apparently a time when she can keep her look natural. That could be the reason why she and her "Today" co-host, Hoda Kotb, were super into the "feral girl summer" trend in 2022. "It means you're wild, your hair is wet," Hager explained to Access Hollywood, with Kotb adding, "You don't care, you have no makeup on."

Jenna Bush Hager went barefaced for a cuddle with her son

Jenna Bush Hager doesn't just go barefaced on vacation, because it seems that, like many of us, she also goes makeup-less when she's just hanging out at home with her kids. That's why another stunning makeup-free moment happened in August 2022, when Hager posted a birthday tribute to her son, Hal, on Instagram. In one of the photos in the carousel, Hager was shown cosmetics-free as she cuddled Hal for a selfie. The former teacher didn't appear to mind messing up her hair in some pillows or wrinkling the floral top that she looked to be wearing.

It can be assumed that Hager wasn't too concerned with her own appearance at all, since the post is about celebrating Hal. In the caption. "Three years with the most gentle (mostly!), loving, and hilarious. We love you Hal!" she wrote. Most of the comments on the post are centered around how cute Hal is too, over Hager's looks.

For Hager though, it appears that it's more important that her children are good people on the inside, over any other quality they could have. "I spend almost all my time in parenting, trying to raise kind kids. I don't really care about any of the other stuff," she explained to People. Additionally, while Hager's schedule is probably full of glamorous appearances, she makes it a point to cherish the little moments when she can be home to cuddle her children. 

The author shared a makeup-free photo in her husband's birthday tribute

It's safe to say that Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, finds his wife naturally beautiful (duh!), so it looks like the "Ana's Story" author has no problem going makeup-free when spending time with her man. In a May 2022 birthday post to her husband on Instagram, for example, Jenna shared a photo of them kissing outside under a cotton candy sky, where she appeared to be sans cosmetics. She still looked gorgeous though, in a sundress and casual bun, as she loved up on her husband.

In a previous birthday post for Henry a year earlier in 2021, Jenna shared snaps of Henry's low-key celebration at home with their kids. In one Instagram photo, Jenna didn't seem to be wearing makeup then either, and not only looked stunning, but truly happy. In the caption, she shared some of their festivities, writing, "We loved celebrating you with a family dinner, homemade sheet cake and a toddler burning man."

It's to be expected that Jenna would be comfortable being her complete, barefaced self with her husband, especially considering that they've been together for a whopping 20 years after they started dating in 2004. In 2020, Jenna even pointed out on "Today" that she's felt that way since the beginning. "I do think one of the reasons why I knew really soon Henry was the one is I was completely myself and he loved it," she gushed, (via Us Weekly).

Jenna Bush Hager took a vacation from glam in Hawaii

Vacations are a time when people usually "let their hair down," yet for Jenna Bush Hager, they are for moments when she can go without makeup, too. In January 2023, she did just that when she and her husband, Henry Hager, took a trip to Hawaii. Jenna shared a close-up photo of her and Henry on Instagram, which showed her makeup-free. The vacation seemed to be doing its job, considering that Jenna was still glowing even without any highlighter applied. Her smile was also noticeably beaming, as she and her hubby snuggled up in front of lush palm trees.

Jenna seemed to be enjoying the laid-back, island vibe since she also had her hair pulled up in a casual bun, presumed to keep cool in the tropical heat. Jenna captioned the photo, "Life Lately," and fans let the TV host know just how stunning she and her husband were with a natural, carefree look in the comments. One person wrote, "Such a gorgeous picture of you too!!," while another posted, "So real! Thank you!."

It appears that Jenna is a big fan of going makeup-free when she's on vacation since just two months later, in March 2023, she shared more barefaced photos from what appeared to be a family trip to another warm location. In an Instagram reel that the mother-of-three captioned, "March Madness," you can see a fresh-faced Jenna relaxing on a couch with her family.

Jenna Bush Hager was fresh faced when introducing her new cat on social media

Jenna Bush Hager seemingly knows that she doesn't need to always get all gussied up when she talks to her fans, and often opts to keep it real. She had that energy in January 2023, when she introduced her new cat, Hollywood, on TikTok. Hager didn't have any makeup on in the close-up video that she posted of herself cuddling the kitten. Of course, the focus was on Hollywood, with Hager revealing, "We call her 'Holly' for short. Holly, middle name 'Wood,' last name 'Hager.'" The "Love Comes First" author did acknowledge that she maybe didn't look her best in her Instagram caption though, by pointing out how her eyes were red from her cat allergy.

Some of Hager's followers appeared to appreciate the author's natural appearance and took to the comments to tell her how great she looked. One person on TikTok wrote, "Jenna, you look stunning without makeup!" while another commented, "Pretty girls!!" about her and Hollywood. On Instagram, a lot of her followers gave her some advice on how to deal with her feline sensitivity, too.

Her allergy to Hollywood's fur didn't seem to impact Hager too much, because in January 2024 she revealed that she got another cat. Hager made the announcement on "Today" in 2024, saying, "I'd like to introduce you to ... Mr. Mango Mellow Hager! ... We adopted a kitten for Christmas."

The former first daughter was late to work before glam

Jenna Bush Hager wears makeup when she hosts the "Today" show since her face is on millions of screens in the morning hours. Yet, many viewers may not know that she doesn't always arrive at work that way. That was made apparent in February 2023, when Hager shared her journey to the NBC studios on her TikTok and Instagram on a day when she almost missed the show. She explained in the video, "It's 9:16. I'm stuck in traffic. I was in Philadelphia, I took a train, which was delayed. The show starts ... at 10, less than 45 [minutes]."

Hager still looked pretty without makeup on and with her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, as she sat in the back of the car that was driving her to set. She managed to get there with just 20 minutes to airtime, so her "glam team" was shown quickly getting to work on her hair and makeup. Hager was apparently grateful for their swiftness, writing in one caption, "Shoutout to my team — did my glam in 10 minutes!"

It appears that Hager often waits for her team to do her hair and makeup right before the show. That's because the paparazzi have captured her walking into the NBC studios barefaced on more than one occasion. She is, however, usually photographed in a cute outfit when she arrives, even though she changes into another look for air.

Jenna Bush Hager took her makeup off before her nighttime routine

In May 2023, Jenna Bush Hager took to TikTok to post her nighttime routine and when doing so, showed how she looked after presumably washing her makeup off. The former teacher filmed the video from bed, where she still looked fetching while rocking a messy bun, glasses, and what looked like pajamas. Yet the video wasn't necessarily about her nighttime style as it was her routine. "I clean the house, the kids' bags are ready for school, my bags are laid out, my clothes are laid out, because I don't want to wake up Henry in the morning," she shared.

Another major part of Hager's evening routine is reading a book to her children, which the mom of three said is her "favorite part of the day." She also makes it a point to leave time before she goes to sleep to get her own reading in, even if it means that one of her kids joins her in bed. When Hager shared a look at her nightstand on "Today" a few months prior in December 2022, she naturally had a stack of books on it waiting to be read. 

While it's clear Hager has many things to do before she can get cozy in bed, she hasn't made a TikTok of her evening skincare regimen just yet. Whatever she's doing after she takes her makeup off is obviously working though, since Hager's skin is noticeably flawless au naturel.