All The Signs That Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes' Relationship Will Never Last

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been sticking together since their January 2023 termination. The move came after their affair, which was ignited in the workplace, was unveiled. The "GMA3" co-anchors were both married, with Robach having been with actor Andrew Shue for 13 years. Holmes and Marilee Fiebig Holmes wed in 2010, settling their divorce in October 2023 only after his relationship with Robach was exposed. With Robach and Holmes now both legally single, they've been free to see one another publicly, and since launching their podcast, "Amy and T.J.," the couple has shared several pieces of inside information about their lives together, which may point to a breakup soon.

Robach may have chosen love over her longtime journalism career in a sense, but that doesn't mean she is free of regret. During the most recent January 2024 episode of "Amy and T.J.," Robach tearfully confessed, "I really want to be able to do what I love, and I want to be able to do it with you, and that's more the pressure I feel" (via Gossip Herald). Unfortunately for them, this isn't the only sign that their love bubble is soon to burst.

The couple both admitted to drinking excessively since their public firing

After losing their prestigious jobs on the ABC News show "GMA3," heavy drinking would come about for both Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes. The stunning revelations would be made when Robach confessed to drinking up to 30 times a week in the wake of their termination. "That's embarrassing to me; that's not what I wish it were," Robach expressed (via Page Six) during the January 11, 2024 episode of "Amy & T.J." She further explained her alcohol intake, sharing, "I don't think I've ever gone a full year where I drink every single day, and that was 2023 for me. It wasn't that I was getting wasted or drunk or any of that. It was just keeping a buzz going all day or at least keeping a relaxed state of mind in a heightened, anxious year."

Robach was not alone in this. Holmes admitted to having his own drinking habits, which reached up to 18 drinks a day. He also revealed that he would drink throughout the day unless he had errands to run. During the December 5, 2023 episode, the couple touched on how Holmes's drinking led to the terrifying moment when Robach conducted a welfare check after receiving an alarming text from Holmes. She found Holmes in bed after downing vodka and consuming edibles.

Robach suggested that she and Holmes aren't on the same page

While Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes seemed to choose one another over their careers, there appears to be some turmoil between the pair. During the "Amy & T.J." episode that aired on January 23, 2024, Robach tearfully told Holmes that he had not been emotionally supportive, explaining, "I felt extremely disconnected from you, and I am someone who does want and needs physical touch, words of affirmation and communication" (via Kare11). Holmes admitted that he does shut out Robach at times, though this isn't the first time he's revealed his communication shortcomings. In the December 26, 2023 episode, Holmes admitted that he tends to "check out" during disagreements with Robach, another sign that things are not always great between the pair.

As of now, Robach and Holmes are still a couple. They even shared a video on Instagram assuring fans that they are together despite their latest alarming podcast episodes. Though the two are maintaining a united front, all of this could signal the beginning of a bitter end that could become messier than their firing from ABC.