Paul Rudd's Son Is Growing Up To Be His Twin

Paul Rudd's son, Jack Sullivan Rudd, is all grown up now, and fans can't help but notice the striking resemblance between father and son. Born in 2006 to Paul Ruddand Julie Yaeger, Jack has grown into his teen years exuding a strong familial resemblance to his famous father. While Paul Rudd typically keeps his family life private, he has occasionally shared glimpses of his parenting experiences. In a 2021 interview with People, Rudd expressed, "When I think about myself, I think of myself as a husband and a father, like I'm that. I just hang out with my family when I'm not working. That's what I kind of like the most."

One of Jack's first big Hollywood outings happened when Paul took him to the premiere of Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," in which Paul plays his Avengers character, Ant-Man. Of the experience, Rudd told The Guardian, "This is the first film of mine that he's seen, and it makes me proud and nervous at the same time. The best thing about anything is sharing it with your kid." Obviously, Paul and Jack share a very strong bond, and as Jack makes more public appearances, fans hope to get to know the 90s-heartthrob-look-alike better.

Jack Rudd grew up in a tight-knit family

Paul Rudd doesn't see himself as an actor first and foremost; he sees himself as a dad. It makes sense that the funny, goofy, charismatic guy known for comedies like "This Is 40" and Marvel's "Ant-Man" takes so much pride in being a father because his sense of humor can be most accurately described as "dad humor." In a heartfelt interview with Mr Porter, Rudd said, "I've experienced more profound moments in my life: my dad dying, being a parent. All of a sudden your sensitivity is heightened. I see things on TV like 'Undercover Boss' and they knock me to the ground." Rudd also acknowledged that his son Jack Rudd and daughter Darby Rudd laugh a little bit at this fatherly sensitivity, adding, "My kids make fun of me. 'Oh, Dad's crying again.'"

Despite his Hollywood career, Rudd maintains a down-to-earth perspective. As he explained to Marie Claire, "[W]hen I go to Los Angeles for work, or to a premiere, I like it because it feels like I'm just popping in. I identify myself as a parent and a husband way more than somebody who rides around on the back of an ant." All of this reflects back on his son Jack Rudd, who, instead of growing up around the glamour of Hollywood, grew up in upstate New York, in Rhinebeck. While Paul Rudd was one of the highest-paid actors in 2019, his greatest values remain focused on family.

He's a huge Hot Ones fan

Paul Rudd's kids' favorite TV show is not "Friends," "Living With Yourself," or any of the other myriad shows in which Rudd has at one point had a starring role. Instead, Jack and Darby Rudd's favorite show is "Hot Ones," a popular YouTube interview show hosted by Sean Evans. When Krista Smith asked Paul about his kids' favorite moment from his career on her podcast "Present Company" (via People), he said, "Oh, I think that's a tie because my kids love Marvel and they really get a kick out of the fact that I'm in it, but boy do they love 'Hot Ones.'" 

Jack's fandom for the show extends beyond casual viewership; the teenager did his own version of the challenge with a friend. When Paul did the show, he brought home every kind of hot sauce he had tried on the show. As for how the challenge went, Paul shared with Smith (via People), that it "took my kids down for about three days." The actor continued, telling Smith that Jack "drank a ton of milk" and added that he didn't "think that did him any favors."

Obviously, Paul himself is also a huge fan of the show. The "Ant-Man" actor was generous with his compliments when Evans interviewed him. "It's a great construct for an interview show, but I think you're an excellent interviewer. You didn't even need the hot sauce," he said in his 2019 interview.

Paul and Jack Rudd both love football

Paul Rudd and his teenage son, Jack Rudd, share a passion for football, particularly when it comes to cheering for their favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2023, the father-son duo attended the Super Bowl to witness the excitement firsthand. The joy was palpable as they celebrated the Chiefs' success.

After the game, in an interview with Fox Sports' Peter Schrager, Jack couldn't contain his admiration for quarterback Patrick Mahomes, saying, "I just wanna thank Patrick Mahomes for existing, for putting in all the work, so we can just all enjoy his greatness every week." While he spoke in an exhilarated tone, his father stood beside him and laughed. Jack continued, "I'm so lucky that I am alive to watch this, and I just — I cannot believe he's a real person. Like, I don't know how to explain it, I just can't believe he's a real person," (via People). Paul Rudd, sharing in his son's excitement, said, "I can't believe it. It was such a great game. Wow, it all just feels so overwhelming. Incredible."

Paul and Jack's love of football extends to the point that Paul isn't convinced that Jack is impressed with the fact that he plays a Marvel superhero. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, Paul said, "[I]f I could now get a job playing with the Kansas City Chiefs or Man City, then I'd be really cool to him."

Paul Rudd's son doesn't care that his dad plays a Marvel superhero

Despite Paul Rudd's iconic role as Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), his son, Jack Rudd, remains unfazed by his father's superhero status. Jack is definitely a big fan of the MCU — just not necessarily a huge fan of Ant-Man. According to Paul (via Us Weekly), Jack prefers Tom Holland. In a 2015 interview with Entertainment Tonight (via People), Rudd humorously shared his son's reaction to the news. Rudd said, "I told my son I was going to be a superhero. He asked, 'Who?' and I said, 'Ant-Man.' What he actually said was, 'I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be.' Swear to God, that's what he said." 

In a later reflection on his family life, Rudd acknowledged to People that how his children see his job doesn't really matter that much. "I think I'm Dad more than I'm Ant-Man or in the MCU. Yeah. They don't care, nor should they," he remarked. This attitude is all the more impressive, and Rudd has also said to People that his Ant-Man role changed his life. "It's like this kind of thing doesn't just happen," he said. "[A]nd it's been a wild ride." The actor's grounded approach to parenting shows a healthy separation between Hollywood and the real world in the life of the Rudds. Jack's nonchalant attitude toward his dad's superhero persona adds a delightful touch to their relationship, emphasizing that, at home, Paul Rudd is simply Dad.

Jack Rudd may pursue acting like his father did

Jack Rudd, the son of renowned actor Paul Rudd, might just be following in his father's comedic footsteps. According to Paul, Jack has displayed a natural flair for humor since a young age, showcasing a rare level of comedic timing and wit. Even at the age of 3, Jack delighted his family with his love for "comedy bits," as Paul told Redbook back in 2008. The "40-Year-Old Virgin" actor fondly reminisced about his son's inclination for humor, stating, "He loves to say funny words; he'll start talking about Yonkers, New York, and going [in a heavy New York accent], 'Yonkers!' He speaks with accents! It's so funny."

Jack hasn't grown out of his sense of humor, either: Paul had more stories to tell in 2013, when Jack was 8. At a Hollywood Reporter roundtable interview that year, Paul told a story of when he took Jack to set with him. "When the dean of Princeton was [on set], I wanted her to meet my son," he said. "She asked him a question about something, and instead of being rude and just saying nothing, he actually spelled it out. 'What have you been doing today?' 'N-O-T-H-I-N-G.'" This great response showed humor as well as intelligence, as Paul proudly pointed out. As Jack continues to grow, it wouldn't be surprising if he explores a path in acting, inheriting not only his father's comedic sensibilities but also his charm and charisma.

Paul Rudd and his son look (and sound!) exactly the same

The internet was set ablaze with comments and tweets when a post-Super Bowl interview featuring Paul Rudd and his son, Jack Rudd, went viral in 2023. Fans of the beloved "Ant-Man" actor couldn't help but express their astonishment at the uncanny resemblance between father and son in both their looks and their strikingly similar voices. The clip, shared by Fox Sports: NFL on X (formerly Twitter), prompted a flood of comments, with one person incredulously asking, "How is Paul Rudd's son more Paul Rudd than Paul Rudd?" The sentiments were echoed by another X user who remarked, "His son sounds just like him lol" (via "Today").

Amid the amazement, a touch of humor emerged in the online reactions. One user playfully suggested, "He looks like a random kid doing an insanely accurate Paul Rudd impression," while another fan pointed out, "Not even just the sound of the voice. Literally down to the exact cadence, the WAY he says things is exactly the same" (via Unilad). The comparisons didn't stop there, with one witty tweet humorously declaring, "That's not Paul's son, it's his clone" (via HuffPost). The online discourse reflects upon a more general fascination with the children of celebrities, especially those that look (and sound) so much like their parents. Perhaps it feels like getting a second version of a favorite celebrity.

Jack Rudd used to think his father worked at the movie theater

In an interview with Willie Geist on "Sunday Today," Paul Rudd shared a charming story about his son Jack Rudd's innocent misconception during his early childhood. As Paul told the morning show, "My son, when he was about 4 or 5, went to a movie theater to see a movie with his friends ... [T]here was a movie poster that I was on and it was in the lobby. So they all just thought that I worked at the movie theater, which I thought was very cute." For years, the "Ant-Man" star playfully allowed his son to believe this endearing misunderstanding, adding, "I never corrected him." The "Ant-Man" actor would joke that he worked at the AMC for years.

Paul concluded the story by telling Geist, "I think when he was 15, he finally put it all together." This fun, heartwarming story happened in part because Paul never really explained to his kids what his job was. "I'm not gonna, you know, sit my kids down when they're 3 and say, 'You know, hold on, I've got some DVDs to show you,'" he said. "I didn't really explain what I did." Jack's innocence shows that children of Hollywood stars can, in fact, have normal childhoods. In Jack's eyes, his dad wasn't a famous actor but someone who, in his mind, had a fun job at the local movie theater.

Jack Rudd thinks Paul Rudd is an embarrassing dad

Jack Rudd and his sister don't see their dad as a Hollywood star but treat him like any other teenagers with annoying parents. Paul Rudd, despite his fame, embraces his role as an "embarrassing dad," as he called himself in his interview with Marie Claire. The actor has revealed some of his more humorous antics, such as when he bought a grill he calls "the green egg." As he told Sean Evans on "Hot Ones," "My kids would make fun of me because I was watching YouTube videos of, like, people making stuff on a green egg."

Another way that Paul makes his kids laugh is by pretending to be mad at them — sort of. "If I can walk around in my underwear and pull it up super high so it's just gross-looking and then try and be very serious with them. I like to do that," he said (via HuffPost). Rudd humorously reflects on the classic dad move of cracking jokes that elicit eye rolls from his teenagers. He finds joy in their reactions, telling Mr Porter, "My favorite thing is when they roll their eyes because it's such a dad joke, but I know they find it funny. They kind of try to fight a smile." Obviously, even though they claim to be embarrassed by their famous father, Jack and his sister know that deep down he's just a funny, fun-loving dad.