Everything Reneé Rapp Has Said About Her Sex Lives Of College Girls Exit

Actor and singer Reneé Rapp has made a stunning transformation throughout her entertainment career. The Huntersville, North Carolina native made her name in the business with her standout performance in the Broadway musical adaption of "Mean Girls," which debuted in 2019, taking on the role of Regina George, the so fetch iconic lead character of the 2004 film. Rapp's theater performance opened other doors for her, such as her hit role as Leighton Murray in Max's "The Sex Lives Of College Girls" in 2021.

In the series, Leighton Murray is a wealthy student who came to terms with her queerness while on campus. Her recurring part offered representation for other young adults dealing with sexuality while navigating higher education. Unfortunately, Rapp decided it was time to walk away after season three. As news spread of her exit, there was some indication that there may have been trouble with the split. A source told Page Six in July 2023, "Both sides have been working to resolve things. There are a lot of egos at play." After Rapp's exit, she told her side of what prompted her decision, even alluding to some friction on set.

Rapp felt more comfortable in her music career

While being in front of the camera may have its perks, Reneé Rapp decided that she needed to focus more on her music. Even before deciding to move, Rapp announced her Snow Hard Feelings Tour would kick off in September 2023. This played a key role in her decision to walk away from "The Sex Lives of College Girls," telling Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe in July 2023, "I love it so much. It's like, I don't even care. And I don't know if that's because I've had different experiences on the other side because I've also had amazing experiences on the other side, but it just doesn't f**king matter to me in music" [via Entertainment Tonight].

It seems that her experiences may have also included some discomfort on the set. This was something else Rapp briefly touched on before her exit was announced. Considering the potential emotional challenges Reneé Rapp may have faced, departing from "The Sex Lives of College Girls" could have been the optimal decision for her.

Rapp suggested that The Sex Lives of College Girls was disrespectful of her sexuality

Reneé Rapp, who is bisexual in real life, struggled to play the role of a queer character on "The Sex Lives of College Girls." Her work environment even made her question herself, especially while filming season one of the show. Rapp opened up about this while sitting down with Alex Cooper for the "Call Her Daddy" podcast in March 2023, explaining that being in a heteronormative relationship off-camera made playing the role of a lesbian character difficult. "I was just in a panic constantly. And I wasn't [straight], but I was so freaked out by the idea of my sexuality, not being finite or people laughing at me or me laughing at myself that I hated first year of filming," Rapp explained [via J-14].

Making matters worse, gay men on set made somewhat offensive inquiries about her sexual orientation, even asking if she was "really gay?" Rapp admitted on the podcast [via J-14].

During her January 2024 chat with Vanity Fair, Rapp further implied she was happy to be away from the show. "The people in my life that I work with now care about me as a person. And I think that is a difference from things I've experienced in the past." Though things with "The Sex Lives of College Girls" could have been more enjoyable, it's great to see the blossoming performer in a much better place.