Inside Hallmark Star Erica Cerra's Family Life

Hallmark newcomer Erica Cerra debuted on the channel in November of 2023, starring in the holiday movie "Mystery on Mistletoe Lane" alongside Victor Webster. However, long-time fans of the Canadian actor will recognize her from her stint as Jo Lupo on Syfy's "Eureka," though she's also had a slew of recurring roles on popular series like "Nancy Drew," "The 100," and "Supernatural."

"Mystery on Mistletoe Lane" marks Cerra's first entry into the Hallmark family of actors, but the Vancouver native already has an adorable family of her own. Most personal details about her household are kept private, but she does provide the occasional glimpse into her life as a mother and wife on social media and through interviews. Cerra has been married to Raffaele Fiore, her high school sweetheart, since November 2011. After their nuptials, the couple welcomed two beautiful children into the world, with the actor occasionally featuring her kids on her Instagram page.

The Hallmark star is the mother of two children

While Erica Cerra has been spotlighted in many noteworthy shows and movies over the years, she's also been building her family behind the scenes. Back in 2012, she announced the birth of her first child via People, introducing her daughter Talia Serafina Fiore to the world. "I thought I was in love with her when she was in my belly, but I am so much more in love now that she is actually here, in my arms," she told the outlet. "I can't stop staring at her, she is so beautiful and happy. We couldn't have asked for anything more!"

Cerra then welcomed her son, who has not been publicly named, sometime in 2016. She revealed in a social media post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that she was pregnant with her second child while filming "The 100." In response to a tweet from Ivana Milicevic, Cerra wrote, "I carried my son during filming #The100 -4 months of filming season 4 ... A.L.I.E / Becca maybe it's a trend." She commemorated her son's birth with a snapshot of her daughter holding the newborn, simply captioning the Instagram post with "My beautiful babies."

Cerra celebrated Father's Day with a heart-wrenching post

Erica Cerra celebrated 2020 Father's Day with a heart-wrenching post dedicated to both her husband and her late dad. "Today is a very hard day for me," the actor wrote. "I am mourning the loss of the best father a child could ever have ... And at the same time celebrating the best father a child could ever have."

Cerra's father passed away in May of the same year, though her tribute post didn't specify his cause of death. While honoring his memory on Father's Day, "The Astronauts" actor took the moment to express her appreciation for her husband, Raffaele Fiore. "My husband is one of those people that is good at everything ... I mean everything!" Cerra said. "He is the Best at being a Dad." Though her Father's Day post serves as one of the few glimpses into the Hallmark star's relationship with her husband, it's obvious that Erica Cerra has a pretty loving family life.