Here's What The Cast Of The Office Is Up To Today

"The Office," one of the best comedy series of all time, follows a branch of a mid-sized regional paper company managed by a ridiculous boss and kept afloat by a motley crew of employees. The show, which was adapted from the British version of the same name, aired from 2005 to 2013, and during its run, it garnered commercial success and critical praise. "The Office" still has a rabid fanbase, much of which is attributed to its previous tenure on Netflix and its popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, as both exposed it to new and younger demographics.

That rabid fanbase likes to keep tabs on the cast, too. When the series first aired, most of the cast were still unknown actors. Thanks to the success of the show, they've all stayed busy in Hollywood, and many of them have become A-list celebrities. Here's what the cast of "The Office" is up to today.

Steve Carell is saying no to a reboot

Steve Carell's career started in the early '90s and blew up in the early '00s thanks to films like "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." Carell then became a household name through his starring role in "The Office." For years, Carell played Michael Scott, the incompetent boss on a perpetual quest to be loved. Carell left the series in season 7, and he went on to work mostly in film, with the "Despicable Me" series, 2014's "Foxcatcher" (for which he earned an Oscar nomination), 2018's "Vice," and 2023's "Asteroid City" among his most notable credits.

Carell's exit from "The Office" was essentially an end to the series in some fans' eyes, and while he did reprise his role for the finale, many have hoped he'd play the beloved boss again in a reboot. However, it seems that possibility is out of the question for Carell. "There are zero plans for Steve to be involved in 'The Office' reboot," a source told the National Enquirer, as reported by RadarOnline. "Steve is in a tricky place because some of his colleagues from the show, most notably executive producer Greg Daniels, are involved in the planned reboot and would love for him to help out somehow. Even if that means writing and directing rather than appearing on camera," the source added.

Jenna Fischer hosts an Office rewatch podcast with a former co-star

Jenna Fischer played Pam on "The Office," the secretary-turned-salesman-turned-office-administrator who had one of the most famous will-they-won't-they romances in all of television history. After "The Office" ended, Fischer steadily found roles in TV shows and films, with some of her most recent being the 2018-2019 series "Splitting Up Together" and 2024's "Mean Girls." Fischer's most popular project since "The Office," however, has been her rewatch podcast "Office Ladies," which she hosts with her former co-star and best friend, Angela Kinsey.

Fischer completed another project with Kinsey — the two wrote a book together called "The Office BFFs." The book talks about the friendship the two share (which, as "Office" fans know, is a bit ironic considering their characters didn't get along in the show) and gives loads of behind-the-scenes details from "The Office." "We really tried to take great care with the book. One of the reasons it took us so long to finish it is because we hoped to get it just right ... It just means so much to me that I did with my best friend. Together we hit this career milestone," Fischer told AV Club about writing the book with Kinsey.

John Krasinski has broken into directing

Fans fell in love with John Krasinski on "The Office." The actor played Jim, a paper salesman at Dunder Mifflin who was in love with the office secretary and was one of the only reasonable people employed there. Krasinski kept acting after "The Office," and some of his biggest projects include 2016's "The Hollars," both "A Quiet Place" films, and the series "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan," which aired its third season in 2023.

More notably, Krasinski has become a successful director. His directorial debut actually took place while "The Office" was still airing, the 2009 film "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men." As Krasinski told Esquire, his co-star Rainn Wilson suggested he direct the film after struggling to find someone for the role. "I thought, 'Wow, I don't know. I can't direct.' And he was like, 'Why not? Just do it.' So I did," Krasinski said. The filmmaker directed a few episodes of "The Office" after, as well as the aforementioned "The Hollars," but he garnered his first round of widespread critical praise after directing both "A Quiet Place" films. Despite his directorial success, Krasinski still holds "The Office" in his heart. "'The Office' was absolutely everything to me. I mean it is my beginning and my end. I'm pretty sure at the end of my career I'll still be known for Jim," Krasinski said.

Rainn Wilson is still connecting with fans of the show

Rainn Wilson played one of the best and most bizarre characters on "The Office," and perhaps in all of television, Dwight Schrute. Dwight was a paper salesman and the assistant to the regional manager whose sole career goal was becoming manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Wilson's humor captivated fans, and his career in Hollywood continued with roles in projects like 2015's "Backstrom," 2022's "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story," and 2023's "Lessons in Chemistry." Wilson also hosted the 2023 series "Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss."

Wilson is still as in love with "The Office" and Dwight as many fans are. The actor spoke with the Portland Tribune, while attending the Portland Fan Expo, about playing his character, noting that it took him some time to discover who Dwight is. He continued by expressing his gratitude for the role and the show. "I love spending the day with fans. I was so fortunate to be part of a show that means something to people. We didn't just make them laugh, we played an important role in people's lives. I was so blessed to do that," Wilson said.

Leslie David Baker tried to get a spin-off started

Leslie David Baker played Stanley Hudson on "The Office," another paper salesman who was known for his grumpy attitude and love for food. While "The Office" has certainly been Baker's most notable role, the actor has been in other projects since the sitcom ended, like the animated series "Puppy Dog Pals," which ended in 2022, as well as the 2023 film "Hard Miles."

Baker, like many actors who've been part of a successful television show, tried to get an "Office" spin-off made about his character. The show was to be called "Uncle Stan," and its premise was Stanley returning to work after retiring in Florida. Baker's efforts included collecting funds on Kickstarter, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2023 actors' and writers' strikes, the project was delayed, and Baker ultimately returned over $110,000 in donations. But there may still be an "Uncle Stan." As Baker shared on Instagram, "We have been working behind the scenes to get everything on track and rewards fulfilled. We are just as excited as all of you to get this project out and truly appreciate all of your patience and support. The project took longer than anticipated due to circumstances beyond our control."

Brian Baumgartner appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy

Brian Baumgartner starred in "The Office" as Kevin, one of the in-house accountants who constantly made people question how qualified he was for the job. When "The Office" wrapped, Baumgartner continued acting in a variety of TV shows with one-episode roles in "Criminal Minds," "Chicago Fire," "Sneakerheads," and more. In 2023, Baumgartner had a role in the Hulu original "The Other Black Girl."

Baumgartner hasn't just been acting — in 2023, he was a contestant on "Celebrity Jeopardy." While on the show, Baumgartner made mention of one of his friends, NFL star Aaron Rodgers, who's also competed on the show. The actor told host Ken Jennings that he golfs some, and he continued, "Well, I played a bunch of golf for a while with Aaron Rodgers, who I called before showing up here to try to get some advice. Clearly with my zero points thus far, I got no help," Baumgartner joked, as reported by the New York Post.

Angela Kinsey is still best friends with one of her former co-stars

Angela Kinsey was one of several characters on "The Office" who shared a name with their character. Kinsey played Angela Martin, a pious accountant who was always upset about something. After finishing "The Office," Kinsey kept acting, mostly finding roles in comedies. Some of her more notable projects included "New Girl" from 2013 to 2014, "A.P. Bio" and "Fresh Off the Boat" in 2018, and "Never Have I Ever" in 2020.

As noted, Kinsey is still as close as ever with her co-star Jenna Fischer. The two host the podcast "Office Ladies" together and co-wrote the book "The Office BFFs." Both ladies were shocked by and grateful for the success of the book, which became a number one New York Times bestseller. "When we got the news about being number one on the list, we were speechless. Then we teared up. Then we just went, 'Oh my God, we did it together.' Jenna makes me better in every way. We sharpen each other. We get to share this and that just makes it sweeter," Kinsey said to AV Club of the success she shares with her best friend.

Kate Flannery is performing on stage with Jane Lynch

Kate Flannery played Meredith in "The Office." Meredith was best known for her immoral behavior, and some of the more shocking storylines revolved around her. Flannery's career continued after "The Office" with a mix of film and television. Some of the most popular projects she's been in include "New Girl" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in 2016, "Steven Universe" from 2015 to 2018, "Young Sheldon" in 2019, and the Magnum P.I." reboot in 2021.

In 2023, Flannery joined television icon Jane Lynch for a live holiday show called "A Swingin' Little Christmas." The show was held in Boston, and just the thought of it excited Flannery. "And it's just great to be a part of it because I feel like anything that makes anybody feel better, I'm so on board. I think that laughter is the best medicine. And if something makes you feel good, repeat, repeat, rinse, repeat. Keep doing it. Please," Flannery said in an interview with GBH.

Creed Bratton is still making music

Creed Bratton played Creed Bratton on "The Office." Creed was a mysterious employee who worked in quality assurance and always surprised his co-workers by starting a blog or becoming interim manager simply for having the longest tenure at Dunder Mifflin. When "The Office" ended, Bratton's career continued, and it was limited mostly to guest roles in TV series. Some of the most notable titles he acted in include "Grace and Frankie" in 2015 and "Upload" in 2020. Bratton has also had a successful career as a musician. The actor was in the band Grass Roots in the late '60s, and he's released multiple solo albums since leaving the group. "I believe you just do what you are. You find the thing that makes you, that fills you up with light, that thing that fills you up with light, that you go, hell yeah, this is what I got to do. And you do that," Bratton told TribLive of his career in multiple facets of entertainment.

For years, rumors of an "Office" reboot have swirled the internet, but Bratton has put a kibosh to the idea (or at least the idea of a traditional reboot). "It's not gonna happen. We can't possibly be as funny as it was originally ... Greg Daniels knows, Greg Daniels is a smart man. He knows we can't do that again, so we're not gonna do it," Bratton said.

Oscar Nuñez is still working as a character actor

Oscar Nuñez is another actor from "The Office" who shared a name with his character. Nuñez played Oscar Martinez, the third in-house accountant who was known for his intelligence. The actor remained a comedic character actor in his career after "The Office," finding work on projects like "Benched," "People of Earth," "Mr. Iglesias," and more.

In 2022, Nuñez had the chance to work with an old co-star again — Sandra Bullock. Nuñez and Bullock worked together on the 2009 rom-com "The Proposal," and when Bullock asked Nuñez if he was interested in the 2022 film "The Lost City," he didn't hesitate to join the cast. "She said it's a comedy, and I think that's it. And 'You want to be involved in it?' And I think that was enough for me. I said yeah, of course," Nuñez told TheWrap. While the film had lots of comedy, it also had a fair amount of physicality, and some of it gave Nuñez pause. "My brain says I could do these things. And then I'm like, I started looking, whatever. And my body's like, 'Remember our age? You're not 23 anymore, Oscar. You're not even 33 anymore. Remember your age?' And I'm like, 'You're right. You're right,'" he said.

B.J. Novak worked with a former Office producer for an Apple TV+ series

B.J. Novak joined the cast of "The Office" playing Ryan Howard, a college student who began his time with Dunder Mifflin as a temp and had one of the wildest arcs of any television character ever. Novak did a lot of behind-the-scenes work for "The Office," too, as a writer and executive producer. Since the show ended, Novak has acted in, written for, and/or produced multiple projects including "The Mindy Project" and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend." In 2023, the actor reunited with an "Office" producer, Lee Eisenberg, for an episode of the Apple TV+ series "Lessons in Chemistry," which Eisenberg adapted for the screen.

Another major project of Novak's was the 2022 film "Vengeance," which he wrote, directed, and starred in. As Novak shared with NPR, his perspective shifted after making "Vengeance." "Any employee can get impatient. When I'm the boss of a film set, I am humbled and in awe of all the jobs that everybody has to do ... I was much nicer and more professional and more respectful of everyone's job than I've ever been when I realized that it fell on my shoulders," Novak said.

Mindy Kaling is making new television shows

Of the entire cast of "The Office," Mindy Kaling has arguably had the most success on television after the mockumentary ended. Kaling played Kelly Kapoor, a dramatic customer service representative in an on-again-off-again relationship with Ryan Howard. Like B.J. Novak, Kaling was part of the writing staff for "The Office," and after the series was over, she went on to create and star in her own sitcom, "The Mindy Project." Some of Kaling's other notable television creations have been "Never Have I Ever," which ended after four seasons in 2023, and "The Sex Lives of College Girls," which is expected to release a third season sometime in 2024.

In her post-"Office" career, Kaling has been lauded for bringing diverse characters to the mainstream, something she is both passionate about and proud of. "One of the great things about writing comedies with the characters that I have, who are largely women of color, is that the characters are not oppressors. They're largely people who have been oppressed. So they can say much more," Kaling said in an interview with Time.

Ed Helms was in a Christmas movie

Ed Helms joined the cast of "The Office" later than the rest of the aforementioned actors, but he made a big impact. Helms played Andy Bernard, a privileged Cornell graduate who became a poor salesman with anger management issues. After wrapping "The Office," Helms kept acting in comedy, and many of his projects were with former co-workers from the sitcom. In 2014, Helms had a role in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," which was co-created and produced by Michael Schur, an "Office" producer who also played Dwight Schrute's cousin Mose. A few years later, Helms collaborated with Schur again on the sitcom "Rutherford Falls," which the two co-created and Helms starred in.

One of Helms' most recent projects was the 2023 Christmas movie "Family Switch." Helms starred in the film opposite Jennifer Garner, and the two comedy professionals shared that they had trouble keeping it together sometimes. "It was a tie. I feel like we both broke a lot," Helms said to People. Garner added how funny her co-star is, saying, "You cannot put me in a scene with Ed Helms and expect me not to break. I'm sorry. That's not going to happen."

Phyllis Smith is part of the Pixar family

Phyllis Smith acted as Phyllis Vance in "The Office." Phyllis was a sweet salesman who had gone to high school with her boss, Michael Scott, and knew some hysterical secrets about him that made for great scenes. After "The Office," Smith found work on projects like "The OA" from 2016 to 2019 and "Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar" in 2021, but her biggest title was the 2015 Pixar film "Inside Out." Smith worked alongside Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and more, and she reprised her character, Sadness, for the 2024 sequel.

Smith was a secondary character in "The Office," and as she noted in an interview with Den of Geek, that group of characters went through a lot of transitions during the series. "For the whole first season, we were there all the time pretty much — even if we weren't on camera," Smith said. But it all worked out for the best. As Smith added, "I remember shooting the pilot and Steve saying, 'You know, this might be the best television we'll ever be involved in.' I think he got it pretty much right, you know?"