Here's What Happened To My 600-Lb Life Brothers John & Lonnie Hambrick After The Show

TLC's "My 600-lb Life" helped dozens of people change their diet and exercise habits to achieve better health. The show revolves around obese individuals whose only option is to undergo bariatric surgery to reduce their weight and save their lives. However, this medical procedure requires extensive prep work — and that's where Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aka Dr. Now, comes in. His role is to help participants shed pounds on their own before going under the knife.

Sadly, not everyone has the willpower (or the desire) to follow Dr. Now's strict diet plan. In fact, several cast members from "My 600-lb Life" have died from obesity-related complications. Others, however, have changed their lives for the better by building a healthier relationship with food. For example, John and Lonnie Hambrick have undergone a stunning transformation since leaving the show. The brothers appeared in Season 8, eager to lose the extra weight and lead a normal life.

John Hambrick weighed 686.5 pounds, while his brother tipped the scale at 612.7 pounds. "This trip is one of hope for me, and I'm glad we're both doing it because I want both of us to get healthy so we can be part of each other's lives for a long time," John said in one episode of the series. The siblings held each other accountable during the show and lost hundreds of pounds while under Dr. Now's care. 

Lonnie Hambrick is now living his best life

Lonnie Hambrick decided to join "My 600-lb Life" because of the pain caused by his body weight. During one episode of the show, he revealed that his family turned against him after he disclosed his sexuality. "I remember telling my mother I was gay, and she basically just brushed it off," he confessed. After that, he turned to food as a coping mechanism. Over the years, he grew apart from his brother and continued to seek refuge in food.

The siblings reunited in 2020 to help each other lose weight. By the end of the show, Lonnie was 245 pounds lighter — and he managed to keep the weight off. Fast forward to today, and he's a successful hairstylist with thousands of social media fans. His Instagram account is filled with photos taken in the gym, and Lonnie looks like a completely new person. Most pictures show him smiling, training, or eating healthy foods, and he also seems to be on good terms with his family.

"It's really nice to be able to put my shoes on in the morning. Put my little-bitty jeans on, my size 29 jeans. Which is crazy, because I was a 66 and now, I'm a 29," Lonnie said in an episode of "My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?". His weight loss transformation proved life-changing, allowing him to move around with ease and do all sorts of things he loves, like gardening and hiking. The hairstylist has also undergone two skin reduction surgeries, which contributed to his brand-new look. 

John Hambrick became a football coach after losing massive weight

Just like Travis Henry from "My 600-lb Life", John Hambrick is living life to the fullest after losing the extra weight. Although he was 294 pounds lighter after leaving the show, he continued his weight-loss journey once filming was completed. Moreover, he seems to enjoy working out and staying active. "Well, I had a great workout and loved every minute of it, so I'm looking forward to my 5K in June," he wrote on Facebook in 2020.

John isn't as active on social media as his brother, Lonnie, but that might be because he's caught up in his work. As it turns out, John became a football coach at the end of 2022. Back then, Lonnie shared a photo of his brother on Instagram, and his transformation is mind-blowing. John could barely walk before joining "My 600-lb Life," but now he's able to run, exercise, and inspire others to discover the joy of movement.