How To Tackle Changes In Your Eyebrows As You Age

Let's face it, we all get a little older each day we wake up. It's inevitable. Since we cannot change this life factor, we must embrace it. One of the first visible signs of aging is in your appearance. Wrinkles will begin to appear. The skin on your face and neck may become a bit looser than it once was. And those pesky gray hairs start to sprout up more and more. There is one tell-tale sign of aging that many people don't consider.

While some may not realize it, eyebrows undergo several changes as we age. This can include thinning and discoloration. Eyebrows tend to shed strands due to decreased testosterone and estrogen in men and women. This decline typically begins in the 40s, a pivotal time when people become more conscious of their years. During such a critical decade, the last thing you should be concerned with is your disappearing brows. Thankfully, there are ways to combat it that work for nearly everyone.

Determine exactly why your eyebrows are disappearing

Since there could be several things happening with your brows at once, it's essential to know which issues you're dealing with. While brow changes come with getting older, it's important not to deduce this issue to age. In some cases, there could be medical disorders causing your dwindling brows that you shouldn't ignore.

Several skin conditions can thin eyebrows. These include atopic and contact dermatitis, both of which cause uncomfortable inflammation. Either can halt eyebrow hair growth, possibly removing your brows forever. One form of alopecia, frontal fibrosing alopecia, can also cause your brows and eyelashes to evaporate rapidly.

If your brows suddenly begin to thin out or go away altogether, you must consult with a doctor. Your overall well-being is more significant than simply resorting to beautification means. Yes, your esthetician can offer great tools to restore your usual brows, but you should make sure your health comes first.

Microblading can work wonders for fading brows

Once you've established that your brows aren't the by-product of a more sinister doing, you can seek different beauty remedies. One of which is microblading. For fading brows, this method works wonders.Sun exposure can also play a role in your brows vanishing, which is why microblading is ideal for these issues. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that uses a tiny needle to lightly puncture the skin underneath the brows. The microblading needle deposits a small amount of ink onto the skin in the shape of an eyebrow. Depending on how well your skin reacts to the ink, you may require several treatments to achieve the desired results unless you'd prefer a more natural look. Delphine Breyne, the founder of Delphine Eyebrow Couture, uses a light technique that does not involve too much tinting. The results are flawless and not too dark, making the hairs appear healthy without too much arching. What makes this option a popular one is how long it lasts. Many patients won't need touching up for at least six months.

An eyebrow transplant can give you lifelong full brows

Similar to a standard hair transplant, an eyebrow transplant is pretty straightforward in terms of the process. Hair grafts are transferred to the brow area with the hope that new hairs will sprout. Eyebrow hair grafts usually use strands from above the ears. What makes this approach so successful is that the follicle is also pulled and placed into the brow. If the hair does take, the outcomes will last forever, eliminating the need for eye makeup, microblading, or any other brow enhancement.

The downside of brow transplant is the risk of hair not growing, though you won't know until around three weeks post-op. Most patients pay between $3,000 and $6,000, so that's a hefty price tag for an approach that may not work. Additionally, there are also complication risks, as with any surgery, no matter how mild. Bleeding, nerve damage, and a small chance of infection are some things to watch out for.

Eyebrow tattooing is painful, but the results are flawless

If you've ever gotten a tattoo, you know how your skin feels as the rapid needle piercing touches it. While microblading is similar, eyebrow tattooing takes it a step further. Unlike the tattooed eyebrows of decades past, the method is much cleaner. Long gone are the harsh lines and jagged edges. As the beauty industry evolved, this enhancing practice has made strides.

Tattooed eyebrows are meticulously made into the shape of a perfected arched eyebrow. Though, with today's process, there is more emphasis on a textured look. "The best eyebrow tattoos will use hair-like strokes for a more natural result," Dr. Blair Murphy Rose of Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York told Byrdie. With microblading and eyebrow tattooing, the difference lies in how long each method lasts. Tattooed eyebrows can last a lifetime, often using the same ink found in tattoo shops. If skilled in the area, your favorite tattoo artist can perform this procedure.

When on a budget, brow makeup will always be your go-to

If you aren't fond of being poked and prodded, the market's best brow tints, brow gels, and concealers will work wonders to spruce up your disappearing eyebrows. Makeup artists have worked overtime to improve blending techniques and brow structure.

This may take some practice, as the final results depend on how steady your hand is. For a dramatic look, you'll go for thicker darker brows. However, a natural shading look takes minimal product. Either way, you'll start by brushing the hairs upwards or at least in the same direction. Then, carefully outline the shape of your brow. Shade in sparse spots using pencil, powder, or brow gel. An eyebrow brush should be used to evenly disperse the color for complete coverage. Then, you'll use your lighter-colored concealer to clean it up underneath and on top of the brows. Though a classic method, if you're new to this while trying to combat the age-affected brows, it can be disappointing when you don't perfect it on your first few tries. Thankfully, beauty gurus such as Nellie Robert and Rosina Sharon have easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials for beginners.

As Florida-based dermatologist, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo told The Zoe Report, "A full and visible brow is considered a sign of youth and beauty." Therefore, it's only fitting to have concern for them as you mature. Thankfully, the beauty industry offers multiple solutions to keep your confidence intact.